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Partnering with Lithium

We work closely with our partners to build vibrant online communities full of passionate, social customers for the world's best brands.

Partner programs

Social is transforming brands and Lithium is at the heart of it. Join us today!

The world’s greatest brands are using Lithium’s leading social community platform to create vibrant online communities full of passionate social customers. These online communities are home to millions of peer influencers that defend, promote and validate their brands every day. With our carefully selected partners, brands get the best possible software solution from Lithium and the best social brand expertise from our friends.

If you are interested in joining forces and leading the next wave of social brand transformation, then take the first step and signup for the Lithium Partner Program today.

Join our network of agency partners that is shaping the of integrated social media.

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Lithium 3rd party integration program

1+1=3. Join the army of lithium integration partners today!

We have a simple goal to allow our 3rd party technology partners to extend and complement our social experience platform. We have a complete REST API and integration framework that allows best of breed solution offerings to be easily stitched together.

So, let’s revolutionize the social enterprise together. Request a demo or speak to our integration partnership experts to discuss how you can join the Lithium team.

Join our network of integration partners that extends, complements, and completes our socialengagement platform.

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Lithium OEM program

Get into the game and socialize your applications with Lithium.

Next generation software applications have social engagement as a part of their core DNA. Lithium software partners are leading this revolution. As a Lithium OEM partner, you can chose to infuse social engagement components and interaction styles directly into the fabric of your application or SaaS service.

Join our network of OEM partners that is harnessing the power of their user community.

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