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Forrester Report: Unraveling The Social Technology Web

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With so many social tools and technology suites with varying degrees of functionality on the market today, how do you choose the one that is right for you? Download our report to learn more.

Traditionally, brands had to choose different tools for different use cases, but as social becomes an enterprise-wide tool, new social suites that can help you simplify your social planning, publishing, and customer service are emerging.

Read “Unraveling The Social Technology Web” published by Forrester Research to learn how to choose the best social technology suite for your brand.

In this report, Forrester covers:

  • The pros and cons of selecting a social suite provider
  • How the right technology can help to improve the effectiveness of social media
  • Navigating security compliance in social technology, and why it matters (hint: it will help you avoid those social blunders)

We are proud that Lithium Reach, our new social marketing technology is highlighted in this report.

Lithium Reach is a social media management tool for marketing that allows global brands to manage content and campaigns fluidly across the customer experience.

Download the complimentary Forrester report now. 

Download the report

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