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The Social Customer Service Playbook: The Most Vital Metrics and How to Interpret Their Impact

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There are endless ways to measure the impact of social on customer experience. Which performance metrics are top travel & hospitality brands tracking? Download our report to find out.

To become a leading brand and stay on top, you'll need to meet your customers exactly where and when they need you, exactly in the way they need your help. This starts with a sophisticated approach to measuring both agent performance and customer experience. 

Read The Social Customer Service Playbook  to find out how your approach to performance metrics stacks up against top travel & hospitality brands.

Download the white paper to learn how to:

  • Use Lithium’s engagement spectrum model to address customer needs with varying levels of engagement
  • Avoid myths that can trip up even the most advanced brands
  • Deep dive into 10 vital performance metrics , how to interpret them, and red flags to look for

Download the Report

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