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Social web analytics

Measure team performance and address backlogs by adjusting routing priorities in real-time from within a single application.

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  • Realtime insight into social teams
  • Benchmark performance against KPIs
  • Turn insight into action

Capture the voice of the customer

Easily share social customer care analytics such as customer feedback, trending topics and the KPIs that are most important to various teams throughout your organization.

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Manage workflow with real-time analytics

Understand benchmarks against SLAs and activity backlogs to improve workflow in real-time.

Monitor emerging issues

Display emerging issues in real-time from a central location so that anyone in the organization can learn and get involved with customer success.

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Measure agent workload

Monitor activity volumes to rebalance agent workloads as well as address short-term and long-term staffing needs.

Understand agent productivity

Real-time social media analytics provide managers and supervisors immediate visiblity into agent workload, response times and KPIs.

Customize social reports and exports

Create your own reports based on unique business requirements and time ranges. Or export the raw data for manipulation in other business intelligence (BI) tools.

Community analytics

Lithium Social Intelligence helps you measure and improve the performance of your social programs by gaining insights into your community's health
  • Detailed contextual analytics
  • Integrated social science & expertise
  • Measure and improve community health

Drill down reports

Contextual analytics enable Lithium Social Intelligence to mirror your community structure so you can intuitively understand and drill down into what users are doing on your community.

App level metrics

Measure kudos, posts, ratings, and other key performance metrics for each app within your Lithium Community, including Forums, Q&A, Ideas, Reviews, and more.

Community Health Index

The Lithium Community Health Index™ combines six key health factors into an index value similar to a credit score, helping you understand the overall health of your community similar to how banks use credit scores as an indicator of how likely you are to pay them back.

Whitepaper: What's New in Lithium's Community Health Index

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