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Manage Social Customer Service at Scale

Use Lithium's social media management tool, Lithium Social Web, to manage the explosion of social customer care responses without sacrificing quality.

  • Purpose-built with support in mind
  • Engage the entire organization
  • Drive traffic to online communities
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Designed for social customer service

  • Mobile agent

    Take customer engagement to the next level by empowering agents to respond to emerging issues any time and anywhere.
  • Expert resources

    Enlist subject matter experts across the company to help solve customer service issues.

  • Knowledge base

    Speed agent response times and standardize replies using the built-in knowledge base and response templates.

  • Approvals

    Train new agents and manage compliance with an approval process that allows approver edits.
  • Clear ownership

    Automatically route social posts to the best agent based on pre-defined skill sets. Easily reassign posts to another agent or work queue.

  • Custom integration

    Integrate with any social network, CRM system or backend reporting platform to understand your customer. Never lose site of the larger customer picture.

Find the conversations that matter—fast

  • Workflow

    Every incoming social post is automatically routed to the most appropriate work queue or agent for prompt resolution based on criteria you define.
  • Automation

    Posts receive language, source, and content tags so messages land in the correct work queue. Gone are the days of manually assigning each post. That gets old. Really fast.
  • Notification & alerts

    Set up email and mobile notifications. Receive immediate alerts when messages, priorities, or work queues change.
  • Languages

    Business is global. So is social. Lithium Social Web provides out-of-the-box detection for more than 25 languages.
  • Conversation threading

    Consistency counts. Lithium Social Web will always route customer replies back to the original agent before looking for another available agent.
  • Prioritization

    Posts are scanned and assigned priorities based on customized keywords so agents work the most important issues first.

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