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Built for success

  • Gamification

    We’ve mastered gamification, driving online community engagement through game dynamics like social reputation, rank, badges, and privileges.

  • Responsive / Mobile

    Engage your customers anytime, anywhere, on any device so they can easily find what they need in your online social community.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Lithium puts the turbo in your SEO, driving traffic to your site. SEO best practices are dynamically built into the DNA of our communities.

  • Social media management integration

    Respond and engage on social networks. And steer those conversations to communities you own to build more trusted content over time.

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Manage your community

  • Design

    Infuse your brand into every aspect of your community, with the flexibility Lithium’s online community tools provide to create beautiful page layouts, components, images, and skins.
  • Develop

    Lithium’s SaaS architecture gives you the flexibility to make extensive customizations, yet still benefit from the latest features through automated monthly upgrades.
  • Moderate

    Maintain a positive atmosphere and ensure social conversations meet community guidelines: moderate, move out-of-place content, and filter posts that are offensive or inappropriate.
  • Integrate

    Integrate social conversations throughout your website to increase conversion rates and average order value. Integrate your community with your existing systems, such as CRM.
  • Analyze

    Measure online community performance to make smarter decisions based on hard data. Prove the value of your social investments, measure engagement, and identify superfans.

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