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Leading brands choose Lithium social software


Community superfans spend 10x the amount of average customers

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Best Buy

Community engagement contributed to $5m benefit via call deflection and additional sales

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Increased customer retention by 25%, decreased customer complaints by 50%

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Sony Europe

Community generates 7MM+ searches per month and a total benefit of €4MM

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Post Office

Reduced average publishing time by 56%—to just 20 minutes

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Drive social marketing success

  • Seamlessly manage social content and campaigns

    Connect and engage with customers on their terms in their preferred social channels, whether it be Facebook, Twitter or another social network. Our platform enables you to easily manage campaigns at scale with data-driven recommendations powered by Klout data.

  • Own the conversation.

    Think beyond just your brand, think about your category. By building thriving online communities that blend branded and user-generated content, you can turn your website into THE destination for your category, not just for your own products or services. Unlock legions of your brand's enthusiasts to create user-generated content, enabling you to scale your content engine while driving traffic to your site.

  • Measure performance

    We help you prove the value of your social investments and identify the best strategies for growing customer engagement so you can achieve greater ROI and competitive advantage.

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