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Improved first contact resolution to 70%, 10% reduction in support costs read the story
Increased customer retention by 25%, decreased customer complaints by 50% read the story
Community superfans spend 10x the amount of average customers read the story
Customers directed from the Virgin Atlantic Blog have a 27% larger basket size and spend 20% more read the story
Increased social agent productivity by 57% read the story
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What customers are saying

“It’s important organizations wake up to the idea that social conversations are happening live and happening all the time, and you must take a stand for whether that’s a conversation you want to be in.”


"Barclaycard Ring’s innovative online community is forging a new path to building trust between bank and customer."


"Using Lithium and the guidance and advice from their team, we created BeautyTalk to capture the conversation around beauty as well as all the content and insights that go with it."


"Using Lithium Social Web has been the best thing to happen to our Social Customer Service team, It's helped us with Twitter and Facebook in ways I only dreamed."