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Explore other social care solutions in order to provide top-tier customer service with Flybe’s newly dedicated social media team.


Replace prior vendor with Lithium Response to offer the ability to meet the needs of a growing social customer care team that could respond quickly and resolve issues efficiently.

“Social customer service is extremely important to Flybe. Being in the airline industry, real-time customer service is a must across all channels. Lithium Response gives us the ability to provide our customers with an immediate response, which is critical to passengers on the move.”

Danielle Bassett, Customer Support Liaison Manager, Flybe

Why is social customer service critical at Flybe?

Being in the airline industry, real-time customer service is a must at Flybe, regardless of channel. Customers today want a prompt and hassle-free solution to their issues, and they want it now as opposed to speaking to an agent via the phone, visiting the company website, filling in a contact form or e-mail and then waiting for a response. Lithium Response gives us the ability to provide our customers with an immediate response which we find is particularly important to passengers on the move.

How has Lithium Response addressed your pain points and business challenges?

The analytical tool within Lithium Response has been a huge benefit to Flybe. The business is able to pull real-time data to track if KPIs are being achieved. Through the tagging function, we are able to demonstrate what topics are trending and in what quantity. Teams of agents and managers can work together efficiently to manage high message volumes which are prioritized to ensure the team addresses those requiring urgent assistance promptly. Conversations are automatically assigned to agents, preventing duplications and temptations to cherry pick, and minimizing agent downtime.

How have your customers benefited from your Lithium solution?

The implementation of Lithium enabled us to report immediately on the number of responses made within 15 minutes, half the time of that previously possible without Lithium Response. As social channels are fast becoming the preferred communication method, it is important that we are able to promote our response times and shine amongst our competitors. Lithium Response allows us to do that to address our customers’ needs.

What has been the impact of your Lithium Response solution on your organization?

Our social media team works from different locations, but with Lithium Response, the team is able to assign conversations which may require a corporate response or further investigation while not impacting response times. Even if you are not logged in to the tool, you are notified by an email alert which works really well. This has benefited a few key stakeholders outside of the social media team that use Lithium Response, which include marketing and customer support management.

In addition, we currently utilize the Lithium Response Shared Dashboard with other license holders, which enables greater real-time visibility throughout our organization. This ensures our customers are receiving the best possible service within business hours.

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