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Select a data provider that has an intelligence platform of world-class data and infrastructure, and leverage their expertise to streamline and organize data to give brands customer insights for marketing campaigns.


Partner with Klout to leverage their data of more than 700 million users in order to provide the best data insights to Insightpool's customers.

“Klout has been an incredible partner to Insightpool over the years. They have a focus on analytics and we have a focus on insights―it has been a virtual match made in heaven.”

Devon Wijesinghe
CEO, Insightpool

Why did you choose Klout as your data provider?

The biggest differentiator with Klout—and the reason we chose them―is that they're not just accessing a file and pulling it in with no education or personal relationship. Klout has helped us make sense of the data and guided us in informing our entire business strategy. They were willing to work with us early on, and we're now able to grow together.

How do you use Klout Data?

We use Klout to make sense of the billions of social data points so we know what and when to activate. Our software helps brands activate, but first we need to make sense of the data. Klout separates the noise to make sure we're on the right track. We repurpose Klout Data to make sure our customers are successful in their marketing campaign activations.

Tell us about one of your favorite campaigns that you ran using Klout Data.

We have a number of favorite campaigns to choose from―we performed over 60,000 campaigns in the past two years with Klout Data. One campaign that stands out is the CCM Reebok Hockey case study. Reebok's top competitor, Bauer, had 67% of the hockey audience, while Reebok only had 14% of word of mouth (WOM). After activating the right parties by leveraging Klout data, we saw incredible results with Reebok's WOM 33% higher than Bauer's.

What has been the impact of Klout on your organization?

Klout Data has made our team much smarter across the board from Engineering to Customer Success to Sales. Knowing Klout topical interest patterns and how to use social to intelligently drive results has made us an entirely better company.

What has been the experience working with the Klout team?

One of the best things is that Klout has not been just a data file that we plug into. It's been an organization that truly partners with us, and asks "how can we work with you better?" They evaluate our entire business strategy to position us to grow. The Klout team has been personal and authentic the entire way, which is why we want to continue to cultivate the partnership.