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Improve technical customer support and reduce support costs by creating an engaging community.


Partner with Lithium to launch a vibrant community that incorporates gamification, personalization, and a channel to measure business results through Value Analytics.

“Our community enables us to have a personal touch and puts us closer to our customers. Internally, our organization is excited to use it to share information and see what our users are talking about. Externally, our users are more engaged and ask how they can be more involved in community initiatives, programs, and content. ”

Jaime Perez
Vice President, Worldwide Customer Services, MicroStrategy

What prompted you to seek a new community solution?

Our old forums were stale and uninviting, and the user interface prevented easy searches for solutions. We were looking to find a way to improve customer support while also reducing support costs. With rising customer expectations, we knew we needed to move fast.

What is the value of your community to your customers?

People connect best when they have common ground. Our users want to connect with each other because MicroStrategy is part of their workflow every day. Community offers an easy way to interact and feel more connected versus feeling isolated. The fact that we lifted the gates and removed restrictions allows them to find information on how to use our software more easily and very quickly—that’s the biggest benefit.

What is the value of your community to your organization?

Our community is now the official place where we know the majority of our end users and customers reside. When there’s something important that we need to communicate out, we do it through the community. When we need to understand something more clearly, we look to our community. It has centralized where our users exist. Now there’s a one-stop shop place. As a result, it’s our most trafficked site on the MicroStrategy domain. Community allows us to better connect with our customers globally every day. It helps us become better listeners and communicators. It scales easily and effectively, helping make the MicroStrategy experience more meaningful and valuable outside of our platform itself. And ultimately, it allows us to do our jobs better.

What quantifiable results have you seen with your community?

In 2014, we only had about 300 active users. Today with our Lithium-powered community, we have about 17,000 active users and 63,000 registrants.

Through Value Analytics, Lithium’s data-driven approach to measure the results of the community’s overall impact on their business, we were able to measure customer satisfaction (CSAT) and call deflection.

Our indirect call deflection satisfaction data shows that 61% are satisfied or very satisfied with their overall experience on our community. In addition, 85% of those visiting our community are seeking information, 72% of them actually find what they’re looking for, and 23% are likely to contact MicroStrategy if their question wasn’t answered through the community.

Our Value Analytics data further shows a 15% increase in case deflections since we rolled out our community, proving that our community helps reduce the volume of customer cases. To calculate case deflection, we created our own formula where we use accepted solutions and a factor of solution views. This has enabled us to show our executives the value from the support side of our community.

Tell us about your superusers and how they contribute to your business.

Our group of superusers, “MicroStrategy Masters,” has expanded our community service team. We currently have eight superusers in three different timezones, and we’ve identified them through user activity analytics. These superusers are our unofficial brand advocates. It’s exciting to see them progress since we began this initiative and incorporate them into our events and other community programs.

How does community support potential new customers?

We want to make sure our prospects have visited our community during the prospect phase so they know the wealth of knowledge that exists. Community gives our prospects direct access to our customers to ask what it is like to deploy our software. That’s extremely valuable in converting prospects to customers.