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Integrating Lithium Response with your CRM system gives agents a “360-degree” view of customer interactions.

Integration enables key insights gained through social engagement to be populated automatically in your CRM. This saves your agents time and helps them provide a more streamlined customer care experience, since they have the complete customer context at their fingertips.

Download your free copy of this guide and learn how you can:

  • Make social conversations visible to CRM users
  • Extend author profiles in Lithium Response with CRM attributes
  • Update CRM attributes from Lithium Response
  • Create cases from social conversations
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Social engagement is becoming critical to business success and needs to be integrated into CRM and other systems to provide optimal customer care experiences.

The Benefits of Lithium Response / CRM Integration

Explore these points in depth in this free guide.

  • Make Social Conversations Visible

    When a user in your CRM system looks at an account, they should be able to see all interactions that the account has had with you. Period. Our CRM Conversation Widget can simply and easily meet this need.

  • Extend Author Profiles with CRM Attributes

    The more context you have about a customer in Lithium Response, the more effective your interaction and the more you can automate your business rules. Our Author API allows you to provide additional context about your customers not only to agents, but also for automatic tagging, routing and prioritization.

  • Update CRM Attributes from Lithium Response

    As your social customer care agents interact with customers, they gain information about the customer and add profile information or create associations between social identities and the CRM system. Our Author API allows you to update your CRM system with this information with no extra work for agents.

  • Create Cases from Conversations

    As you mature your social care initiative, you may reach a point where you want to automatically create cases in your CRM for certain conversations in Lithium Response. Our Conversation API allows you to implement this systematically instead of having agents do it by hand.