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Your online community is a critical component of your social strategy. Having the right tools and best practices at your disposal are keys to your success.

An underperforming community can cost you sales, overload your contact center with issues that can be resolved online and alienate the advocates who play a key role in growing your business.

It may feel like a daunting task to replace your community vendor, but migrating to Lithium is surprisingly easy.

More than 50 leading brands have switched to Lithium. A migration typically adds no more than two weeks to our standard six week launch process. Learn how, and get real-world examples in this free guide.

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"We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback from our fans as they became aware of the move to Lithium. That’s true validation of our decision."

- migrated customer

Moving to the Lithium Community Platform

  • The Lithium Difference

    When companies want to upgrade their community platform, they often choose Lithium for three key reasons—performance, operating costs and flexibility. Learn more about these advantages in this guide.

  • Migration Playbook

    We've developed a battle-tested plan for migrating to Lithium that avoids painful downtime, with the appropriate employees assigned to each of Lithium's three migration tracks: Community Management, Design and Technical. Read the guide to get more detail on these tracks and launch timelines.

  • Large Migration in Record Time

    Disappointed with Jive Software, a major international consumer electronics company decided to move several communities to Lithium’s platform. Read about their experience in this free report.