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June 4, 2014 - Marketing Magazine

Australians are demanding more from businesses online and are more likely to complain if their needs aren’t met than users in other countries, according to new data released today by enterprise social media software vendor Lithium Technologies. Customer expectations are increasing not only online but at real-world touch points, as well.

June 4, 2014 - B&T

The global CMO of social software provider Lithium has told B&T she doesn’t understand why people aren’t acting more urgently to embrace the digital social revolution when people would rather forego sex than the Internet. Speaking with B&T in San Francisco earlier this month, Katy Keim said that she was consistently seeing action at the CEO level, but we don’t see action as much from the CMO level.

MAY 26, 2014 - CMSWire

Since Lithium acquired Klout in late March, there's been considerable speculation about just what it would do with it. Now we know.

MAY 23, 2014 - MarketingWeek

Marketers and business leaders from global brands BuzzFeed, Sony and Telstra debated the future of social marketing and the value of online communities at the LiNC ‘14 conference in San Francisco this week.

MAY 23, 2014 - CMSWire

Lithium Technologies is out with its first two products that incorporate technology from its recent Klout purchase.

MAY 21, 2014 - Business Reporter

Nearly nine in ten customers have requested help with a product or service online and two thirds expect a same-day response, according to a report.

MAY 22, 2014 - PC World

Lithium, which provides services to help businesses navigate social media, held its annual conference in San Francisco and explained how it plans to make use of Klout, the “social influence” company it said it had acquired two months ago.

MAY 21, 2014 - TechCrunch

If you’re wondering what Lithium Technologies is going to do with Klout, the social influence measurement startup that it acquired earlier this year, the company is giving its first real hints today at its LiNC user conference in San Francisco.

MAY 22, 2014 - destinationCRM

Just one month after Lithium Technologies' acquisition of Klout, the company unveiled an ambitious roadmap to deliver the first Shared Value Network for brands and consumers, announced the first joint products that combine Lithium and Klout: Pop-Up Communities and Klout for Products, and launched massive new updates to the existing Lithium portfolio.

MAY 21, 2014 - Mashable

Lithium Technologies, the company that runs a social customer-service platform for businesses such as Spotify, Sephora and Skype, finally revealed how it plans to use its recent Klout acquisition.

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