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December 6 - The Huffington Post

Who owns civic responsibility when it comes to what is said on social channels? Lithium President and CEO, Rob Tarkoff, shares his perspective.

December 5 - Ragan's PR Daily

What should social media marketing teams have on their radar for the coming year? Several digital engagement leaders, including Lithium's VP of Marketing, Dayle Hall, share their top tips.

November 28 - Social Media Today

Are retail brands ready for the social media holiday rush? Will they keep pace with their customers’ expectations and respond on social quickly?

November 10 - CMS Wire

Personalization is not merely a set of technologies, it is a customer-centric business strategy that recognizes the unique context of every individual customer. Brands — digital or not — must learn to consider individual preferences in order to win customers’ long-term engagement.

November 9 - The Huffington Post

The failure to engage and service customers—regardless of channel—is a CEO problem. And it’s a big one. In order for businesses to navigate it successfully, we need to deeply understand today’s consumer—what they want from brands and how to meet their expectations. Lithium President and CEO, Rob Tarkoff, shares his perspective on what it will take to get it right.

November 8 - Retail Customer Experience

Retailers Sephora and Amazon are leaders when it comes to social media engagement and are examples retailers need to follow given the expected holiday sales boost this year.

November 1 - VentureBeat

Twitter is improving its direct messages with new features geared specifically for brands that use the platform for customer service interactions. Available through its developer API, brands can leverage welcome messages and quick replies to improve the overall experience. Twitter has enlisted the support of quite a few social media and customer service technology providers, including Lithium Technologies.

November 1 - Adweek

To better help brands converse with users and offer customer support, Twitter is launching two new products that will help answer basic questions and address complaints. The features announced today let companies partner with third-party services, such as Lithium, to build automated-message systems specific to each brand.

November 1 - TechCrunch

Twitter has been expanding the customer service side of its product, with recent additions including a Customer Service settings page for businesses, an automated welcome message when a customer starts a Direct Message conversation with a business' account, and "quick replies" that ask the customer to get more specific about their request before the conversation starts. Businesses can also access these new customer service features through third-party software like Lithium.

October 31 - Convince and Convert

Jay Baer from Convince and Convert shares how he uses social automation tools, such as Klout, to manage social at scale.

51-60 of News Items