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July 15 - MediaPost

Pokémon Go, with more than 20 million daily active users in the U.S. alone by Wednesday, takes social to an augmented level. MediaPost asked a few sources, including Lithium CMO, Katy Keim, to comment on whether Pokémon Go is indeed the breakthrough moment for augmented reality, as many observers are suggesting, and how brands can use AR to drive their own successes.

July 12 - DestinationCRM

Lithium Technologies has been selected as one of the pioneer partners of Microsoft's AppSource, a new marketplace for companies to find and use SaaS solutions from Microsoft and its partners.

July 11 - Search Engine Watch

If you’re a business in 2016, chances are that you’ve invested time and resources into maintaining a social media presence, to promote your brand and engage with consumers. But have you made the same level of investment into providing a dedicated customer service on social media?

July 1 - DestinationCRM

Companies should use customer comments—both good and bad—to drive brand transformation

June 29 - ZDNet

Brands are harnessing the power of ‘frugal innovation’ to create value by working smarter with fewer resources, while improving the customer experience.

June 14 - ZDNet

In 2016 businesses will spend $15.5 billion on social media but still can not solve gaps in their social strategy. A new social marketing tool aims to change this.

June 10 - Marketing Tech

Last year MarketingTech discussed how Klout was shaping conversations for brands on the hard-to-navigate social web. Acquired by Lithium for $200m in 2014, the social tool aimed to separate the signal from the noise when it came to consumers talking about brands on social media.

June 10 - FierceCMO

Lithium Technologies bought social influence ranking website and app Klout in 2014, and it is now leveraging Klout to power its new social/content marketing tech solution.

June 10, 2016 - Customer Think

Is social CRM dead? Depends on what you consider social CRM to be. With the partnering of Lithium Technologies and Microsoft Dynamics, we will see yet a new and more extensive version of intelligent customer engagements. The partnership includes Microsoft Dynamics and Lithium’s community data, social customer intelligence and analytics.

June 9, 2016 - CIO

Lithium Reach suggests the best social content and the best time to publish it.

81-90 of News Items