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Introducing Lithium LevelUp

Introducing Lithium LevelUp

San Francisco – 19 May, 2011 – Lithium, the leader in Social Customer Solutions, today introduced Lithium LevelUp, an application suite for the Facebook Platform. Lithium LevelUp will deepen consumers’ engagement with brands on Facebook, moving the relationship between brands and fans from Like to Love. Combining wall content curation with innovative analytics and flexible, interactive applications, Lithium LevelUp lets brands identify, nurture, and mobilize their most fervent supporters–their superfans–to create increased value for both customers and brands on Facebook.

"As brands accumulate fans, they are asking us to help solve 'what's next?' in their Facebook journey," said Lyle Fong, CEO and Co-Founder of Lithium. "Last year we announced Lithium Facebook for Communities, our initial connector between Facebook and a brand's community content. Now, Lithium LevelUp brings the power and depth of the Lithium Community Platform to the reach of Facebook."

Lithium LevelUp turns a brand's Facebook Page into a social destination populated by superfans. Building on Lithium's industry-leading solutions in community management, gaming dynamics, and analytics, LevelUp creates a cycle of deeper social customer engagement, the value of which increases over time. With LevelUp, brands can:

  • Analyze large volumes of wall posts and comments across multiple Facebook Pages to find the most valuable and actionable contributions from fans.
  • Identify the fans that are the most active contributors and reward them with greater visibility and privileges, increasing their loyalty and desire to engage their friends.
  • Create new Facebook interactions through applications that let prospects seek expert advice from peers on purchasing decisions, share ideas for improvements, review products, and trade tips and techniques.
  • Measure buzz, sentiment, and social influence through an integrated, role-based Customer Intelligence Center that provides a single, powerful experience for managing social customer relationships.

As part of LevelUp, Lithium has developed a new metric known as the Facebook Engagement Index (FEI). Similar in substance to Lithium's Community Health Index, the leading measure of the health of brand communities, the FEI was created by Lithium's team of scientists and led by its Principal Scientist, Dr. Michael Wu. The FEI will tell brands whether they have potential superfans and mathematically describe the level of their engagement.

The technology behind LevelUp comes from combining Lithium’s community platform and behavior-based reputation system with the natural language processing technology that came from the acquisition of Scout Labs. The fusion of these two technologies means that brands, digital agencies, and interactive marketers can initially monitor Facebook, actively cultivate Facebook superfans, and then ultimately maximize the value of user-generated content.

"The journey we've taken with Facebook is that we’ve built a large fan base, and now we need to go to the next level," said Christopher Baccus, Executive Director of Digital and Social Media at AT&T. "Having over a million fans is a great milestone, but it's not an end in itself. We need to keep exploring how we can deeply engage our consumers. LevelUp will provide data from Facebook to further help us develop more useful content for our community and showcase our most active fans."

In his July 2010 report entitled "The 8 Success Criteria for Facebook Page Marketing," Altimeter Group Partner, Jeremiah Owyang, states, "Seventy percent of brands indicate that they planned to increase spending on offsite social media investment, including Facebook in 2010, according to an eConsultancy study. Yet despite the urgency, brands lack a pragmatic approach. Rather than spin their wheels and waste resources experimenting on customers, brands need guidelines for Facebook Page marketing success."

Lithium is providing a special preview of LevelUp to customers, partners, and industry experts at the Lithium Network Conference (LiNC).

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