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Lithium Announces Developer Nation

Lithium Announces Developer Nation

San Francisco – 20 May, 2011 – Lithium, the leader in Social Customer Solutions, today introduced Lithium Developer Nation, a program that enables system integrators, deployment partners, and interactive agencies to create vibrant new experiences that extend Lithium’s Social Customer Suite to better meet the needs of its enterprise clients.

Charter partners have already developed social customer experiences using the Lithium platform and over one billion calls have been made to its REST API so far in 2011. Lithium partners have developed integrated social support and commerce applications in use at over a dozen global brands, including Research in Motion, Limited (RIM) and British Telecom. Social applications are now embedded in the workflows and analytics at key points in the purchase and support experience.

With this launch, the Lithium DevNation can help clients:

  • Integrate. Lithium now offers integration with Salesforce, Omniture, SharePoint, Parature, and Genesys. Developed by partners such as CloudSquads, Lithium has completed integrations into more than 25% of its enterprise deployments. The new program offers opportunities for customizations to meet emerging business requirements.
  • Customize. Lithium Partners can now extend the platform functionality to build new social applications beyond the standard Lithium offering. For example, Ipsos, a global market research company, used integrated surveys and other social elements to create interactive market research sites for global brands such as ESPN and Conde Nast. In addition, the release of the Lithium iPhone application code allows brands to tailor their mobile experiences by infusing social features into their existing mobile applications.
  • Extend. The open Lithium platform now allows ISV's to incorporate their functionality into the Lithium Social Customer Suite or capitalize on its data assets. Examples include Vovici, whose enterprise survey functionality can now be accessed by Lithium customers and Clarabridge, whose clients can now employ contextual analytics on unstructured consumer comments and data from millions of community members.

"Our customers are so fanatical about giffgaff and its community that they’ve already written some iPhone apps without any help," said Vincent Boon, Head of Community for giffgaff, the fastest growing telecommunications company in the UK. “Now with this, Lithium is enabling customers to have a single, continuous experience with us wherever they are, whether they are managing their account or asking questions of a peer. We are excited about the way that Lithium is allowing us to extend the power of our community in new ways."

To help its Developer Nation achieve maximum success in building tailored solutions, Lithium has dedicated significant resources to the program, including the following:

  • Developer Nation: A lively developer community sharing best practices with trusted experts. Developer Nation captures specifics articles and expertise in the community knowledge base.
  • Extensive Code Samples: Over a dozen code samples, growing with each new release. Samples include live, working code that is functional on custom pages in the community as well as the full code for the Lithium iPhone application.
  • Detailed Documentation: Comprehensive library of detailed documentation for UI designers, Java developers, and partner integrators.
  • Online Education: Links to an extensive Lithium tutorial library, including twenty web-based courses that include in-product demos and best practices.

All of the above is available today to all premier Lithium partners at:

“Anyone can build a partner program,” said Paul Greenberg, industry analyst and author of CRM: At the Speed of Light. “Lithium has gone further than that and built an ecosystem that’s genuinely useful for customers. They are connecting partners to deliver better solutions and create a single place for them to collaborate.”

Read more about DevNation on the Lithosphere.

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