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Germany’s Cortal Consors Joins with Lithium to Launch Banking Community

Germany’s Cortal Consors Joins with Lithium to Launch Banking Community

Cortal Consors establishes open customer dialog and sets up a user-friendly knowledge base

SAN FRANCISCO - February 20, 2014 - Cortal Consors is joining forces with Lithium Technologies, the leader in Social Customer Experience, to launch a community where financial services customers can interact and network with each other just as they do with their bank.

“We aim to become the No. 1 community for financial and money issues,” said Clemens Eckstein, Social Solutions Architect and Project Head at Cortal Consors.

Proactive customer involvement has long been a focal issue for Cortal Consors.

Now, the knowledge community set up in partnership with Lithium will provide customers with an even more effective foundation for their money decisions while also further enhancing the bank's connections with its customers.

By taking this step, Cortal Consors is opening up to systematically engage customers in an open dialog through its community.

While the bank anticipates that the combination of the voice of the customer with its knowledge database will deliver ideas for future banking services, the project's top priority is the customer.

The platform allows customers to exchange ideas and opinions, and provide each other with assistance and inspiration. The knowledge base, which includes a glossary of stock exchange terminology, will present interesting facts on financial transactions for all interested readers – regardless of whether they are Cortal Consors’ customers or not. Regular blog entries by experts will explain current developments and fascinating financial topics with clear examples.

Eckstein added: “Lithium's gamification features play a key role in quality assurance by allowing feedback to be given on our users' answers to customer questions. This encourages users to deliver content of the highest possible quality, ensures that an entry's value to others can be tracked at any time and spotlights community members who provide the most helpful tips.”

Choosing Lithium ‘wasn’t a hard decision at all’

Cortal Consors' decision to bring Lithium on board for the project was clinched by the long-standing expertise of the social customer experience company.

“We were most impressed by the software's integration options with our back-end and our established business processes,” said Eckstein. “In addition, Lithium offered a range of sophisticated analysis tools. So choosing Lithium wasn't a hard decision at all.”

Further plans to expand the community are now under way.

A “Ratings & Reviews” section that will be launched in the near future will enable banking customers to give feedback on products and services. A further feature currently under consideration is the inclusion of an eLearning section where experts will provide systematic, structured digests of wide-ranging topics related to financial investment.

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