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Lithium Introduces The Klout 50

SAN FRANCISCO – October 30, 2014 – Lithium Technologies today announced the inaugural Klout 50, a ranking of the top 50 global brands with the most social influence and engagement. The Klout 50 is the ultimate ranking of brands that are authentically connecting with their digital audience. These social elite brands are the most active on social media platforms and their audiences consistently share and interact with their digital content.

Amazon lands the #1 spot followed by Microsoft and MTV. These brands are reinventing the way they connect with people and share experiences on social media. They are authentic, create compelling and meaningful content as well as engage with everyone – not just the positive, most influential fans.

The Klout 50 is based on the Interbrand 2014 Best Global Brands report and corresponding Klout Scores. Klout Scores are compiled using proprietary algorithms, determined by more than 400 signals from eight different networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well as real world data from Wikipedia.

Brand value strength is not enough to succeed on social media, as evidenced by only Microsoft, Google and McDonald’s being recognized for their global brand and social media success, securing a top ten spot on both the Klout 50 and Interbrand’s list. Additionally, the Klout 50 found:

  • Apple claims the top spot on the Interbrand list, but on the Klout 50 they are listed as #28
  • MTV ranks #3 on the Klout 50, but #80 on the Interbrand list
  • The top two industries succeeding in social are technology (30%) and retail (16%)

“The Klout 50 salutes those brands that know social is part of their consumer’s everyday life and for effectively connecting and sharing experiences with them,” said Katy Keim, CMO of Lithium. “However, this is also a wakeup call for the brands that are not on the list to understand that without social they lose.”

A quarter of the Klout 50 brands are also Lithium customers. For more than a decade, Lithium has provided the world’s top brands deep industry expertise and purpose-built software to help them successfully connect with their customers across the broad social web.

The top 50 most socially engaged and influential global brands listed in the Klout 50 for 2014 are:

Klout 50 Klout Score
1. Amazon 98.86
2. Microsoft 98.85
3. MTV 98.32
4. Google 98.04
5. Facebook 97.94
6. Intel 95.94
7. Nintendo 95.04
8. McDonald’s 94.74
9. ebay 93.82
10. Ford 93.19
11. Sony 93.06
12. HP 92.38
13. Chevrolet 92.36
14. Coca-Cola 91.99
15. Thomson Reuters         91.89
16. General Electric 91.37
17. Nike 91.22
18. Honda 90.94
19. Pizza Hut 90.94
20. Audi 90.75
21. Adidas 90.00
22. Adobe 89.90
23. Nokia 89.84
24. Goldman Sachs 89.67
25. Tiffany and Co 89.60
26. Budweiser 89.56
27. Porsche 89.22
28. Apple (AppStore) 89.19
29. Shell 88.94
30. Pepsi 88.80
31. SAP 88.59
32. American Express 88.50
33. Louis Vuitton 87.76
34. MasterCard 87.42
35. Oracle 87.14
36. Gucci 86.75
37. Morgan Stanley 86.65
38. Burberry 86.04
39. Accenture 86.01
40. Caterpillar Inc 85.27
41. 3M 85.20
42. John Deere 83.53
43. Starbucks 83.51
44. Sprite 83.22
45. Gillette 83.03
46. Zara 83.02
47. Heineken 82.81
48. Gap 82.76
49. Disney 82.39
50. KFC 81.76


The Klout 50 is based on the annual Interbrand Best Global Brands report and the corresponding Klout Scores. Brands not registered for Klout are not included.

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