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For First Time, Klout Reveals Details On Methodology Behind Klout Score

Scientific Peer-Reviewed Paper on Measuring Influence Across Social Networks Presented by Lithium Technologies Data Team at IEEE BigData 2015 Conference

SAN FRANCISCO – October 30, 2015 – An academic paper by the Lithium Technologies Klout data science team, “Klout Score: Measuring Influence Across Multiple Social Networks,” has been accepted by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Presented at a workshop at this year’s IEEE BigData Conference on October 29, the paper explains how Klout’s data science team employs a scalable system that assigns Klout Scores to 750 million user profiles by processing 45 billion interactions daily, and captures 3,600 different actions that then factor into the score. The system uses an extensible framework that incorporates new, publicly available information and thus improves score accuracy over time, and combines separate scores from different social networks into aggregate Klout Scores. With this, individuals can gauge their full social footprint, and brands can take advantage of this huge swath of data to better understand and engage customers in a personalized way.

“Though the Klout Score has been around for years, this is the first time we have published a paper that provides this much detailed information on what’s behind it,” said Adithya Rao, lead research engineer behind the Klout score. “Getting this paper accepted is a step towards a more transparent view into the Klout score, and by publishing this information in a public forum others will be able to build upon the work we’ve done.”

“Since Lithium acquired Klout in 2014 we have been working to integrate its wealth of data across our entire Total Community portfolio of products and to give businesses a 360 degree view of people engaging on their communities and social channels,” said Sunil Rajasekar, CTO of Lithium Technologies. “But this only works if Klout Data remains accurate and current and, to that end, we have an entire data science team dedicated to refining the algorithm, adding new networks, and developing new and innovative ways to apply that data. I congratulate the team on this achievement.”

The paper can be accessed here.

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