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Klout Scores Hit the Stratosphere—Literally

New algorithm adds huge points for prolific selfies

SAN FRANCISCO – April 1, 2015 – Klout unveiled a sweeping new algorithm update today where most users have seen dramatic rises in their Klout Scores today. Users are widely hailing the new algorithm as finally representing them accurately for all their brilliance. As one early user put it, “I always knew I was bigger than Queen B and my Klout Score now reflects that.”

To see how your score has been impacted by the new algorithm, go online now to

Improvements to the algorithm over the last few years have focused on adding more inputs and networks, incorporating more ‘real world’ signals into the digital score, and creating a system that would accurately reflect someone’s online persona and presence. The new algorithm takes a radically different approach.

“People don’t want accuracy when it comes to their digital lives,” said Katy Keim, CMO of Lithium and Klout. “Everyone wants to be more witty, more appealing, and more fun. Everyone wants to be the life of the party whether at a nightclub or a book club. In short, everyone wants to be a successful hip-hop star: loud, lovable, stylish, and with a gorgeous posse—and all with just a little bit of provocation. The new Klout reflects this cultural shift. Prolific selfies are now a surefire way to add 100 points—we’re still working on whether “duck face” increases or decreases the score. The new Klout reflects that healthy narcissism and the cultural Zeitgeist that spawned the selfie stick. The more you believe you are important, the more the Klout score delivers.”

“I have had one of the highest Klout scores for years,” said a well-known recording artist, “I spent a lot of time sharing my life with fans—because frankly, it’s compelling. I gave them exclusive tracks and backstage photos and the chance to win concert tickets, mostly so they could be a voyeur to the excitement that is me. I take my social influence seriously and want others to also. I say more Klout for everyone.”

Klout didn’t stop at unveiling new algorithm changes today. Klout realizes that loyal fans with high scores love Klout Perks. So today’s stratospheric scores also come with a whole new range of Fantasy Perks. Today’s Fantasy Perks include three incredible options:

  • A seat on the first Klout-sponsored trip to Mars. Ever since Marvin the Martian met Bugs in 1948, Mariner 4 had a successful mission in 1964, and the appearance of the Great Gazoo on the Flintstones in 1965, Klout users have been waiting for this Perk. Waitlists have been growing and no human has set foot on the red planet. The first Klout-sponsored trip will be ready in 2100 and the Perk is non-transferrable, but the bragging rights are huge!
  • Lunch with Elvis on the veranda of Graceland. When this Perk comes to pass, show up on time and wear your “Blue Suede Shoes”. Elvis is reportedly a fan of “A Little Less Conversation”, but you’ll be so busy with your duck face and selfies that you won’t even notice.
  • Lessons in how to speak with penguins. Klout users are environmentally and socially conscious and recognize the plight of all animals in the Antarctic. Humans can now learn High Penguin, understood by Adelie, Gentoo, and Chinstrap penguins on the Southern Continent. If you can brave the Drake Passage, learning a new language should be easy. The penguins will appreciate your extra effort.

About Klout (and this ain’t no joke):

Klout offered the first online influence measurement system for individuals to gauge and track their impact on social channels. Today, more than 600 million individuals and brands are scored in the Klout system, which evaluates more than 400 signals from eight different networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well as real world data from Wikipedia. Each day, more than 15 billion pieces of data are processed to update Klout Scores. Klout remains the undisputed leader in online influence measurement.

About Lithium (this isn’t a joke either):

Lithium builds trusted relationships between the world’s best brands and their customers, helping people get answers and share their experiences. Customers in more than 34 countries rely on Lithium to help them connect, engage, and understand their total community. With more than 100 million unique monthly visitors over all Lithium communities and another 600 million online profiles scored by Klout, Lithium has one of the largest digital footprints in the world. Using that data and the company’s software, Lithium customers boost sales, reduce service costs, spark innovation, and build long-term brand loyalty and advocacy. To find out how Lithium can transform your business—and to share the experience enjoyed by 300 other leading brands around the world, visit, join our community at, or follow us on Twitter @LithiumTech. Lithium is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco.

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