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LiNC’16 Hackathon Draws Record Number of Competitors From Around the World to Demonstrate the Power and Flexibility of Lithium Platform



SAN FRANCISCO – July 6, 2016 – The 2016 Lithium Technologies Hackathon – hosted in conjunction with Persistent Systems – saw coders from Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas compete to create apps on Lithium Communities and Lithium Response. This third year of the competition focused on creating powerful user experiences and integrations across the Lithium platform. You can see a 60 second behind the scenes video here.

“Our community of passionate customers and partners can deliver more innovation than we can build alone,” said Sunil Rajasekar, Chief Technology Officer at Lithium. “That’s why we continue to invest in the ability to customize and extend our platform, as we grow the idea of what a Total Community can be. Partnering with Persistent lets us tap into their deep expertise and provides an environment for developers, designers and engineers to push the limits of our platform in a highly focused and collaborative way. The outstanding winners at this year’s event are clear evidence.”

The winning solutions will allow brands to improve the value of community through customized UX, curate and broadcast the most valuable community content across social channels, create responsive UI optimized across multiple devices, and drive Facebook users to join a community through the integration of Facebook Messenger with Lithium Community and Lithium Response. The winning hacks were presented at LiNC ’16 (Lithium Networking Conference), the industry’s only digital customer experience conference. Key criteria were creativity, completeness, value to the end-user and applicability to other Lithium customers.

“Creating the best possible digital experience for users is critical as more organizations become software-driven,” said Munjay Singh, President of Services at Persistent Systems. “Our partnership with Lithium in product, professional services and custom solutions brings tremendous value to our customers. The beauty of hackathons like this is they are a pure demonstration of Agile, the harnessing of creativity, and problem solving of many in bringing new solutions to market, fast. Lithium is a great platform for that!”

“As a non-tech guy I wasn’t sure what I could do at a hackathon, but this challenge really showed the true concept of community,” said Keyai Lee, Manager of Community Platform at QVC and member of the winning team. “We had one coder and three of us business types and in less than one day we were able to create a solution from scratch that I can really see having applicability and use immediately. What it also shows is how easy it is to customize the Lithium platform to deliver value how and when a customer needs it.” For a demo of the winning team’s creation click here: Winners:

Best Customization

Swiss Interactive Home created a customized community experience for users referred to Lithium communities from search engines. Through a customized UX, their solution aimed to drive higher engagement and registration conversion from search.

Best Total Community Integration

Auto-Magic won for a content publishing solution that integrated Lithium Community with Lithium Response, allowing users to curate and broadcast the most valuable community content across social channels.

Best Responsive UI

Responsive Home won for an innovative customer experience built using responsive design in just four hours. It delivered a running solution optimized across four device categories - desktop, tablet (landscape and portrait) and mobile.

Overall Winner

The Bridge won the overall hackathon for their creative solution that proved valuable to end users and one that many customers can benefit from. They integrated Facebook Messenger with Community and Lithium Response to funnel relevant community content into Facebook Messenger and drive referral traffic back to the community.

Lithium and Persistent Systems collaborate frequently on high-impact customer engagement projects, building strong, engaged online communities. Persistent Systems builds software that drives the business of customers – enterprises and software product companies with software at the core of their digital transformation.

About Lithium: Lithium builds trusted relationships between the world’s best brands and their customers, helping people get answers and share their experiences. Customers in more than 34 countries rely on Lithium to help them connect, engage, and understand their total community. With more than 100 million monthly visits over all Lithium communities and 750 million online profiles scored by Klout, Lithium has one of the largest digital footprints in the world. Using that data and the company’s software, Lithium customers boost sales, reduce service costs, spark innovation, and build long-term brand loyalty and advocacy. To find out how Lithium can transform your business, and to share the experience enjoyed by 300 other leading brands around the world, visit, join our community at, or follow us on Twitter @LithiumTech. Lithium is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco.

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