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Sprint Realizes Massive Cost Savings, Expands Community to Three Million Members with Lithium

Leveraging Lithium Engagement Platform, Sprint is Driving Tangible ROI, Delivering Amazing Digital Customer Experiences to Consumers

SAN FRANCISCO – September 19, 2017 – Migrating 10 years of data, 10 million posts and 3.2 million members to a new online community platform would be daunting to anyone. Sprint did it in six weeks.

The results have been staggering – huge savings from call deflection, a million visits a month, and a rapid expansion to more than 3 million members since they relaunched Community nine months ago. Results like this get the board’s attention, and it indicates growing evidence that creating awesome digital customer experiences is an imperative for growth, revenue and relevancy in today’s market.

Lithium provided the platform for the Sprint Corporation’s migrated Community and has been the platform of choice for the company’s subsidiary communities for several years. In addition to Community, Sprint recently implemented Lithium Social Media Management, which affords them a single view of the customer and allows customer service, marketing and social to work from one platform. This integrated approach leads to better internal collaboration and knowledge sharing, and a better overall experience for the customer on Sprint’s digital channels.

Since implementing the full Lithium engagement platform, Sprint has seen a 32% increase in call deflection volume, improved the number of conversations they engage in by 163%, and realized a 25% decrease in average agent response time – with most responses happening within 15 minutes.

“At Sprint, we work hard to exceed our customers’ expectations but also to keep costs under control,” said Dave Hoffman, manager for chat/social care/communities at Sprint. “All of our brands (Sprint, Boost and Virgin Mobile) thrive on customer interaction, so a Lithium Community was a great solution. We also made the decision to switch to Lithium Social Media Management and are looking forward to seeing the power of the full platform at work.”

In addition to providing a complete digital customer experience platform, Lithium acts as a true strategic partner to Sprint, helping them strategize on their overall social media and customer service functions. This includes bringing in experts to analyze their social blueprint with recommendations on improvements; helping build a model of a streamlined Sprint social function that breaks down silos to include marketing, public relations, communications and customer service; and creating custom solutions for messaging and text message customer service.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Sprint as they build out world-class digital capabilities,” says Rob Tarkoff, president and CEO at Lithium. “Seeing a company meet and exceed their digital customer experience goals in ways that directly impact the company’s revenue is what Lithium is all about. The numbers are great, yet it’s always about more than the numbers. It’s about the people we serve, and Sprint is creating great digital customer experiences for them every day.”

Hoffman added, “We like partnering with Lithium because their technology drives real results, and because the Lithium team takes the time to understand our business and set us up for success.”

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