Welcome to the Lithium Family

Welcome Jive-x Customers

We are excited to announce that Lithium’s acquisition of Jive-x has closed, and with that we'd like to personally welcome you to the Lithium family.

The Lithium team is dedicated to making this important expansion to our business a success for all our customers. We understand that with an acquisition of this nature, there may be concern as to what happens next. We want to assure you that as part of the Lithium family, you are highly valued and we look forward to supporting your community and business goals.

At Lithium, we are firm believers in the future of community as the linchpin of any brand’s digital customer experience strategy. Quite simply, our primary goal is to make you a happy Lithium customer. We want to better understand exactly what challenges you face and to show you how our 15+ years of focus on the external customer community market can help.

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We're in this Together

We're in this Together

At Lithium, our #1 company value is “Take Customer Success Personally” and we strive to live up to this mission every day. We continually seek ways to improve our products with the goal to help our customers deliver awesome digital customer experiences on their communities and on social channels. We’re also dedicated to your professional growth. Over the next few weeks, you’ll receive emails to introduce you to some of the tools, resources, and discussions available to you as part of the Lithium family, including:

  • Ways to engage with us and ask questions
  • Best practice sharing
  • Details of online Q&A sessions with Lithium executives and product experts
  • Requests for feedback on your current community; what’s working and what’s not
  • Any updates to support models

Questions you may have

To facilitate the transition of the business, we have entered into a Transition Services Agreement (“TSA”) with Aurea/Jive. The overriding goal of the TSA, in which each functional area of the business will be fully transitioned over to Lithium at various phases over the next 12-15 months, is to minimize the disruption to your Jive-x operations. We’ve taken a shot at answering a few of the most likely questions you may have as part of the transition to our family of customers:

Who will provide Jive-x customer service support?
At least through the end of the year, you will continue to use existing channels of support. In the future, your Jive-x platform will be fully supported by customer support specialists who have been specifically trained and/or have expertise in the Jive-x platform. We are expanding our support team significantly to accommodate the growth and bring focused Jive-x expertise into our team. Our #1 goal is to keep all of you happy and we’re investing significant resources into making sure you get the level of support you deserve during the TSA period and beyond.

What is happening to the Jive-x platform? Will we be forced to migrate to Lithium?
You can stay on the Jive-x platform and continue running your community on it without interruption. To reiterate what we’ve been saying publicly since the acquisition announcement, the Jive-x platform will continue to be supported by Lithium for as long as customers choose to remain on it. While we are not planning to develop new features for Jive-x, we will continue to maintain the platform to ensure it remains a viable product for our customers. Our plan is to develop a new next-gen community platform with all the best features of Jive-x and Lithium brought together, built on the Lithium infrastructure. Of course, when the timing is right, we hope that you will join the 400+ happy customers on the Lithium platform and gain the benefits of our continued product innovation.

Who can I go to for non-support related questions (e.g. contract renewals)?
You should continue working with your existing Jive account contacts in the near-term until you have officially been assigned an account team by Lithium. We are working hard to get all Jive-x customers assigned to Lithium field personnel now, and expect to have this completed shortly.

How will Lithium benefit us?
Community has been and remains at the heart and center of Lithium. With change, comes the opportunity for growth and expansion. Lithium not only provides community, but also a leading social media management product that brings a single view of the customer to social marketing and social customer care. We look forward to sharing more with you about the benefits and opportunities that Lithium can bring to your business immediately.

Next Steps

In the near-term you will use your existing channels for support, but we’ve created a Jive-x forum within our Lithium Community so we can start engaging with you directly as a group, and hope you will participate. You will first need to register for our Community here: https://community.lithium.com, then you can access the Jive-x forum here: https://community.lithium.com/t5/Jive-x-Discussions/bd-p/jive-x

If you have additional questions not related to product support and would like to speak with a Lithium representative, you can contact us directly at jivex@lithium.com.