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Engage and learn together

Our goal is to help you understand what is available, and then to guide you in how to build thriving communities—from strategy, planning and design through implementation, growth and management.

Over the past six months we have been working with customers and subject matter experts on developing new and improved training courses for our clients and partners.

We invite you to take advantage of our training programs this year as we host them around the world.

Lithium Core Offerings

Community Configuration & Administration

This course introduces users to the Community Admin—the control center for configuring the primary settings and performing ongoing administration. Participants will learn the important concepts and settings that community managers most often consider as they set up and maintain a community. Through interactive lectures and hands-on exercises, students will get the opportunity to evaluate the importance and impact of different configuration and administration settings.

Advanced Studio

The Advanced Studio Concepts course explains the framework and concepts of the Lithium Studio product and teaches you how to create and modify custom components, page-layouts and skins. The training features development guidelines, best practices, and hands-on exercises.

Advanced Design

The Advanced Design course will teach you how to create, edit and structure styling for your community using CSS, custom components, REST API and FreeMarker. It will help you understand design concepts as they relate to the Lithium application and how to apply those concepts to your community. This training features customer examples, guidelines, design community checklists, and hands-on exercises.

Lithium Certifications

Lithium Community Product Certification

In the Lithium Community Product certification, participants are provided an overview of the Lithium platform with a strong focus on best practices for set up, implementation and delivery. This includes what elements are needed to improve Community Health Index (CHI) scores and what features of Lithium provide Gamification elements in developing engaging communities. We will also cover topics such as how to create quality content for blogs, Lithium Ideas and the Lithium Tribal Knowledge Base.

Community Manager Certification Level 1

The Lithium Community Manager Certification gives you the opportunity to learn the latest best practices, as distilled by Lithium’s consultants, from hundreds of companies around the world who have implemented enterprise communities on the Lithium platform. For experienced community managers, it’s an opportunity to benchmark their practices against some of the world’s best. For those starting out, it’s a great foundation for future learning.

Community Manager Certification Level 2

Community Manager Certification II prepares you to achieve higher performance in four areas: growing community membership and participation, developing and managing super users, managing company participation, and driving business transformation. For each area, you’ll learn the key challenges faced, the tactics that separate success from failure, and the elements that make a program complete. Building on the foundation laid with Community Manager I, this new course includes more data points, deeper case examples, new reusable assets, and more opportunities to collaborate with fellow attendees.

Social Strategy Certification

This certification is built around the demand for high-scale, efficient customer engagement and response that builds on and extends social marketing and customer care to enterprise levels. Designed for those wanting to advance their skills while developing a roadmap based on their specific business objectives for their implementation of social technology. This certification is built around the latest Lithium Response technology; it’s filled with practical examples showing best of class integrations with the entire Lithium platform.

Moderator Certification

Lithium has over 10 years of experience in moderation, and during that time we’ve developed best practices that transform moderation into a positive tool for change. Our certification program focuses on these moderation best practices and equips moderators and moderation teams with the knowledge and skill set to maintain healthy and successful social platforms. The program covers the goals of moderation, the development of moderation guidelines, best practices for effective moderation, collaboration across teams, and approaches for cultivating, engaging, and retaining super users.

Developer Certification

Lithium Developer Certified Professionals deliver the highest-possible level of expertise, providing knowledge and best practices on Lithium’s platforms. This certification will cover Lithium’s architecture, ensuring that developers know which layer of the stack to utilize to achieve their customization goals, including visible elements such as Freemarker and stage/prod environments. This program is built around advanced community customizations and Lithium’s best practices and products.

Lithium Masterclasses

Masterclass on Metrics and Benchmarking

In this new half-day session, we’ll take a deep dive into metrics and benchmarking, focusing on the metrics available in Lithium Social Intelligence (LSI). This class looks at how to understand, prioritize, and classify the metrics in LSI, and what LSI reports advanced users commonly configure, export, and schedule. You’ll also learn how to create your own reports in spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, using data from LSI.

Masterclass on Return on Investment

In this new half-day session, we’ll look at ROI in depth, including the most common value propositions for community ROI, such as increased sales, reduced cost, increase satisfaction, and more. We’ll also cover the data required for calculating ROI, including both community data and data from other business systems. The training will include examples of ROI calculations and results from leading Lithium customers, across a range of community use cases and industries.

If you have any questions, please contact us: education@lithium.com