get serious about social

Brands like Cisco, Skype and Sephora reap multi-millions per year in benefits from social.
What’s your brand getting out of it?

  1. 1. follow your head, not the herd.

    Just 2% of fans return to Facebook brand pages a second time. Don’t let your social strategy stop at Facebook—you’ll totally miss the boat.

    whitepaper: Why Facebook Shouldn’t
    be the Center of Your Social Strategy
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  2. 2. own it, don’t outsource it.

    There’s a huge engagement gap on public social networks.

    You’ve got to own the social customer experience on your own domain.

    whitepaper: Online Communities —
    The Heart of Social Strategy
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  3. 3. get out of the silo, get into a strategy.

    Get others involved—across marketing, support and sales—to drive social customer experience to the strategic level.

    whitepaper: Making Social The
    Way You Do Business
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  4. 4. stop dabbling, commit.

    Experimentation is great. Endless experimentation is foolish and cowardly. We now live in a social customer experience economy.

    If you don’t embrace it, your competitors will.

    whitepaper: Social Customer Experience:
    Why it Matters, What it Means for Your Brand?
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  5. 5. drop the fluffy metrics.

    Reach, buzz, likes, comments, high fives—what do they really mean for your business? Not much.

    Think: reduced costs, greater satisfaction, increased revenue.

    whitepaper: Nailing Social Media
    Marketing ROI
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  6. 6. don’t campaign, sustain.

    A single Twitter campaign can create an ocean of comments. No way can you scale internal teams to meet the demands of today’s social customers.

    Enable social customers to help each other and build sustainable social programs that deliver real value.

    eBook download: The Science of Social 2—Sustainable
    Strategies for Long-Term Business Advantage
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your score: novice

As a Social Media Novice, you're lagging. Seriously social brands own the social customer experience, they don't outsource it to the likes of Facebook. They engage and enlist customers on owned social hubs - get them to act in ways that benefit the business. They stopped counting fans and likes long ago, and now focus on real business outcomes like cost reduction and increased revenue.

how can I do better?

With your own social hub, you're a solid Player in social media. You've definitely stopped dabbling - now it's time to comit further. The first thing you'll need is a strategy for driving real business outcomes through social media. And remember - don't campaign, sustain. You'll need the right strategy, resources and culture to succeed.

how can I do better?

You're a Social Media Contender - somewhat serious about social with a developed, respectable practice. You understand engagement and enlistment--perhaps have thrown a bit of gamification into the mix. Where to go from here? Get out of the silo and into a strategy. Tap additional departments like sales, marketing, support and PR when designing your social customer experience.

how can I do better?

As a Social Media Challenger, you're poised to take the lead. Kudos for being done with bogus metrics. By measuring social success against real business outcomes, you're way ahead of most who still gauge success by counting fans and followers. High-five! Next step: Transform the overall social customer experience - involve other departments in your social strategy to drive outcomes across the entire business.

how can I do better?

Contratulations, you're a social media Champion! You've risen above the noise and confusion of social media by focusing on the overall customer experience. You're among the most serious of the social - those who tap social media for competitive advantage. But don't rest on your laurels - there's a pack of Challengers nipping at your heals. Keep involving more of the business in your social strategy and you'll continue to optimize your social investments.

how can I do better?

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