Lithium Stars Program

The Lithium Stars program recognizes and rewards the most active and influential customers in Lithium's community, who shine by their expertise and ability to inspire greater levels of achievement and innovation.

Three types of membership

This program aims to recognize Lithium advocates and the different levels of participation that make up our amazing community, both online and offline. It runs on an annual basis, and Lithium Stars are inducted and formally recognized each year. To assist in the selection process, the Star Scoring system takes into consideration Lithium Community contributions, Lithium Certifications and Event attendance. Start participating today to improve your Star Score and achieve Star membership next year.

  • All-Stars

    All-Stars are top contributors who are valued by Lithium and other community members. They actively participate in ideation, engage with other customers, share their insights and provide constructive feedback. They consistently keep the Lithium community thriving.

  • Rockstars

    Rockstars are exceptional individuals who make up the top 1% in the Lithium Star Scoring system. They are members who have been certified through our training program and who routinely go above and beyond to assist other Lithium community members.

  • Heroes

    Heroes are Lithium's top advocates who have demonstrated their expertise in driving innovation and social programs at their organizations. These industry influencers offer a voice in Lithium's product direction and frequently share their expertise and best practices.

Selection Criteria

  • You must be a Lithium customer or partner to participate and/or be considered.
  • Star members are selected based on their yearly Star Score, taking into account positive community participation and Lithium event attendance over the past 12 months, as well as Lithium certifications obtained over time.
  • Heroes are nominated by Lithium for their strengths in strategy and execution, as well as their help spreading the love for Lithium and the practice of driving top digital customer experience initiatives.
  • All members will need to re-qualify annually.

Rewards and Benefits

Lithium Stars gain a unique identity in our community and exclusive access to the Lithium Stars Lounge to connect directly with Lithium and other Stars. Other benefits vary based on the type of membership and may include:

  • Early access to beta programs and invitation to provide feedback on new features
  • Opportunity to speak at conferences, local and online events
  • Discounts on certifications and events
  • Preferred seating at LiNC global conference and/or LiNC local conference
  • Invitations to participate in case studies and top tier media opportunities
  • Induction into the Hall of Fame

Meet the current Stars

Want to see our previous Stars? See our Hall of Fame.



  • Brian Oblinger

    Brian Oblinger is Vice President of Community & Support at Alteryx, where he is responsible for overseeing strategy, execution, and measurement of community and customer support to drive engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

  • Scotty Jackson

    Scotty began working with social media at TELUS in mid-2011, bringing 11 years of experience in operations, process development, service implementation and customer experience. Developing internal partnerships and fostering collaboration between teams, he has brought customer experience operations close together with marketing and public relations teams, enabling a robust and sustainable social customer experience through Twitter and Facebook off-domain platforms. Scotty co-championed the development of an on-domain social community, the TELUS Neighbourhood, which seeks to draw TELUS social experiences closer to TELUS itself through conversation in forums, gathering of customer ideas and sharing community news through blogs, and helped support the development of an enriched operational framework and strategy for supporting, engaging, and enlisting customers.

  • Allison Leahy

    Allison Leahy is Director of Community at Fitbit, where she launched the company’s global community and social support programs. A graduate of Vassar College, Allison kicked off her career as a community builder bringing non-profit donor development programs online before joining Ning, a platform for creating online communities. She’s an avid cyclist, burgeoning runner, and longtime walking enthusiast.

  • Liam Woods

    Hi! I'm Liam, and I'm the Community Manager of AGL Energy's Lithium Community. I also manage the strategic direction of our use of the Social Web platform. Always happy to hear from other people so feel free to drop me a message!

  • Bill Gerth

    I recently joined the USAA team where I am the Director of Social Business. The team and I are focused on creating social guidance and strategy for the enterprise. In my spare time, I love being outdoors, taking trips and creating memories with my family.

  • Akshay Nair
  • Tim Lopez

    Tim runs the Global Social Customer Care team for the Norton Support and Services group at Symantec. He started at Symantec in Engineering. After noticing customers needed help on Social Networks but were being ignored, he took his Customer Service background, applied it to product knowledge and love for social networks, and started replying to these customers—providing them with direct support. It didn't take long for the company to notice this 'vigilante' was providing excellent customer experiences, and the company moved to make this an official company-endorsed effort. He now leads a team of full-time Social Support Agents who respond to customers on social networks, as well as other areas across the web, with one goal in mind—surprise and delight customers in their channel of choice.

  • Darren Jones
  • Amanda Danley
  • Ben Forsyth
  • Jeff Terrell

    As the Director of Support Community for GoPro, Jeff is responsible for leading the development, operations, and growth of GoPro’s customer-focused community experiences, including their online community platform, the GoPro Support Hub. In addition to the core online community, Jeff works with other GoPro teams to develop targeted engagement experiences for specific customer communities, and is building the roadmap for future online and offline community channels as part of a strategy to inspire more GoPro customers to capture and share the experiences they’re passionate about.

  • Arman Belding
  • Shaun Hewitt
  • John Lewis
  • Margaret Tsuji

    Margaret Tsuji is the Manager, Community Forums and Social Media Support at Rogers Communications. In this role, Margaret leads a small team of specialists and moderators who help make the Rogers Community Forums a pleasant place to be. She also heads up the Social Media Support team who support customers on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Danielle Kovac
  • Pamela Meek

    Pamela is a member of the Global Marketing Leadership Team at SAS. She directs an integrated communications program including executive comms., content, online communities, social media, PR and influencer relations. She is responsible for reputation management, promoting and protecting both the corporate brand and the company’s famous corporate culture. Her team is geared to attract, enlighten and engage SAS stakeholders.

  • Patricia Jimenez
  • Mary Hill

    As Manager of Customer Service and Social Media, Mary Hill brings more than 10 years of Customer Service expertise to StubHub, guiding and managing StubHub's internal contact centers and Social media teams in East Granby, CT and Salt Lake City, UT. Since joining StubHub in 2012, Mary has grown StubHub's Facebook following by 22% and Twitter by 200%. Mary’s main focus in both Customer Service and Social media is continuing to build brand loyalty and trust while providing world class service to each of our fans.

  • Catherine Kaiser

    Catherine Kaiser leads the digital, social media and PR strategy for Webroot’s global home, mobile and enterprise business. Catherine’s team is responsible for all aspects of customer engagement, including management of the Webroot Community—as well as two successful advocate programs, all social media channels and digital marketing tactics. Her work has been quoted in USA Today, Wall St. Journal, MSN Money,, and the book “Turning Brand Advocates into a Powerful Marketing Force to Drive Leads and Sales.” Prior to Webroot, Catherine was Director of Marketing at, a start-up focused on credit and debt management.

  • Mark Nichols
  • Lois Townsend
  • Jeff Browning
  • Francois Rondeau

    Director of Customer Services 2.0 at Orange-France & Sosh. Transforming (with others...) Orange-France into a full digital telecom company. Previously with Apple, that's why you won't see me use a windows PC. I still practice and teach Karate more than I spend time on social networks... almost.

  • Lisa (Anderson) Goode
  • Franz Gruber

    Franz Gruber is the Social Customer Care Tools Analyst at PayPal’s Omaha office and has been working Lithium platforms for over five years. Franz looks after ~200 Lithium Social Web users in ten support locations worldwide and supports seven regional PayPal community forums. He’s passionate about customer service and the challenges with providing great service at scale. When he’s not fiddling with spreadsheets and thinking about great customer service experiences, you can find him reading genre fiction and thinking about the future of humanity in our hyper connected world. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

  • Chris Brennan
  • Chug Abramowitz


  • Jason Hill

    For the past decade I have specialised in online communities. Previous roles have included managing gaming communities and Australia's first online community for and by people with a disability. I also spent three years as Community Manager at software company MYOB, Lithium's oldest Australian customer. I am now building a new DIY community called Workshop.

  • Wendy Schippers

    I am the community manager for the French and German support forums for consumer customer. I work with other regions who manage other language forums. I also execute and implement Social media/customer Experience programs in the EMEA Region, so I actually wear a couple of different hats, if you will. The diversity is what I love most about my job. It gives me different tools and resources to positively change our customer experience with HP's social support.

  • Stephen Fell

    Hey, I'm the Senior Content & Engagement manager over at TalkTalk here in the UK. Driving a growing community, social engagement team as well as our help & support content/sites across both our consumer and b2b business and I have to say, I love it... I could talk forever about anything Nissan, Nikon, Apple & Lithium so say hey if you see me around :)

  • Lili McDonald

    Community Manager for National Instruments

  • Per Bonomi
  • Julie Hamel

    After nearly 8 wonderful years at Lithium (you might recognize me as JulieH), working with and learning from the best in the industry, I've now embarked on a new adventure: building the future of community at Alteryx, a data blending and advanced analytics software company. I am passionate about all things community, connecting people and sharing experiences, so don't hesitate to reach out!

  • Sherrie Rohde

    As the Community Manager for Magento, Sherrie connects people with resources and with each other. Sherrie was originally introduced to Magento as a developer for a merchant and, while an active community member and forum moderator, was able to experience working with the platform from a technology partner and solution integrator as well. She also co-produces a weekly broadcast for community professionals called #CMGRHangout. An ENFP, Sherrie is obsessed with innovation, terrified of status quo, and motivated by adventure.



  • Varun Luthra

    Varun is the Technical Manager (Lithium) at Grazitti. With over 9 years’ experience of delivering communities on Lithium and other platforms, he leads the winning team at Grazitti that has delivered to ambitious clients, including Fitbit, NetApp, Square, SAP, Optimizely, Opentable, Centrify and many more. He is responsible for developing the strategy and execution for the projects to their successful launch.

  • Cy Jervis

    Cy previously worked in Social Media and Community for Dell with main responsibility over IdeaStorm and two superuser groups. He is currently moderating the Cloudera Community.

  • Warren Brill
  • Samantha O’Connor
  • Daniel Kerrigan
  • Anton Chiang
  • Jack Read
  • Natalie Button
  • Caty Kobe
  • Miikka Oksanen
  • Rene Calvey
  • Jamie Johnston
  • Robert Thomson

    Robert works for Sky in the UK, involved in community development, management and support, alongside other web-based development projects. He is experienced in developing, managing and supporting the Lithium Community Platform, Lithium Studio and Lithium Social Media Management, along with Lithium's REST API architecture and FreeMarker Template Language. He can sometimes be found lurking on the community—reading and offering insights, advice and answers to questions where he has experience or knowledge he can share.