Forrester Case Study: Giffgaff Turns Customers Into Members Of Its Community Business Model

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“Community-driven businesses have lower cost bases because customers act as sales and marketing channels as well as service and support agents.”
– Forrester

Can a community-based business model be your key to digital transformation? In this Forrester Case Study, analysts explore how UK-based mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) giffgaff uses a community-based business model that delivers business benefits.

By actively involving customers in running the business through co-innovation and ongoing member support, giffgaff has overtaken more than 160 competitors in the UK in terms of subscriber numbers to become the country’s third-largest MVNO after Virgin Mobile and Tesco Mobile.

How has community been the key to their success and what can you do to become more community-based in your business approach?

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  • Learn the 3 key challenges giffgaff had to address in order to be community-based
  • Discover the 6 ways giffgaff differentiates itself with community
  • Find out 12 key business benefits the company is experiencing because of community

A community-based business model can be the key to digital transformation and to engaging customers in a way that drives loyalty and self-perpetuating growth.

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