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“The hardest type of social measurement is also the most important.” – Forrester

“Social measurement is the bane of many marketers’ existence. Marketers feel stuck with engagement metrics that don’t tell them anything about the business impact of their social programs.” – Forrester Research report

Are you mistakenly expecting social metrics to parallel digital performance channels? According to How to Measure Social Programs, a January 2017 report from Forrester, “Marketers have come to expect that anything that happens online is directly, quantitatively measurable as consumers discover, click, and buy. But the beauty and the pain of social programs are that they encourage consumer behaviors that you can seed but can’t control, which creates a universe of activity that extends beyond the brand’s owned ecosystem and therefore is not measurable the way other digital channels are.”

So how do you measure social programs?

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  • Discover the 3 types of social measurement you need to build now
  • Learn what you should and shouldn’t attempt to measure
  • Uncover what you can and can’t expect vendors to track for you

Building a social metric system that tracks true business value is possible, when you understand the nuances behind it.

Download the report to learn how to successfully measure social programs and steps you can take today to get started.

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