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Forrester Report: Mine the Emotions Behind Your Consumers’ Social Media Behaviors

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“Marketers prevail once they learn what consumers want from social media.” - Forrester Research report

Is your social media content silently hurting your brand? In this report by Forrester, explore the psychology behind why consumers use social media and what they expect from brands on social media. You’ll discover how to deploy social media strategically by removing/avoiding content that inadvertently drives negative consumer behaviors.

In the report, you’ll discover:

  • The risks excessive social media use poses to your brand
  • Why your social media posts aren’t driving engagement
  • The emotional drivers behind social media usage and how you can play into it
  • How to avoid unintentionally triggering negative reactions on social media

Download the report to understand the psychology behind consumer responses to social media and how to create a positive strategy that boosts your brand.

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