Gartner: How to Determine the Role of Social Media in Your Customer’s Journey

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“Social media plays a critical role in the customer journey, but not always in the way organizations have planned. IT application leaders supporting the customer experience must identify whether to position social media as a destination or facilitator based on their business goals.” – Gartner

“Outline customer purposes for visiting your social media properties.” – Gartner

Gartner estimates that more than 60% of organizations are managing social media within siloed teams. This has a deep impact on customer experience. What can you do if your organization is among this percentage? In this report, Gartner provides insight on:

  • Why you need to understand why customers visit your social media properties
  • How to determine if your social media serves as facilitators or destinations
  • Ways to track customer movement within social media properties to extend to a nonsocial customer journey

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*Gartner How to Determine the Role of Social Media in Your Customer’s Journey, Jenny Sussin, Jason Daigler, Gareth Herschel, 4 October 2016

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