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A closer look: B2B High Tech Communities

Self-service capabilities, deep expertise and proven ROI: Discover how leading B2B brands deliver a better digital experience for their customers using Lithium, and how you can do it too.

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We work with over 100 of the world’s best high tech brands to create vibrant online communities that drive real business value. We’re focused on what makes communities successful: driving engagement, measuring success and creating a consistent, frictionless customer experience across all digital touchpoints.

Here’s how Lithium can help you:

Reduce service costs and increase CSAT through self-service support

Enlist community as the first line of defense for customer support. Drive requests through an online community and self-service knowledge base so people can get answers quickly.

What makes Lithium different:

  • Engage customers, partners and employees to provide peer-to-peer support, making it the most affordable way to satisfy customer inquiries
  • Native gamification is built to drive engagement at scale, resulting in brand loyalty and revenue growth
  • Quickly crowdsource knowledge and turn them into easy-to-consume knowledge articles

No one has more expertise to help you succeed

Selecting the right technology is just the beginning of the journey. According to a study by Gartner, 40% of online communities are abandoned or inactive after four months. Why? Because many companies struggle to define their community strategies and objectives. We have over 15 years of experience and know what works.

Lithium offers:

  • Deep community expertise and in-house thought-leadership in gamification, personalization and data science
  • A world-class team of services professionals who have completed over 500 projects and certified over 600 people, helping you understand best practices and quipping you with the right tools to produce outstanding results
  • Products with built-in expertise like Gamification and Responsive design
“Without our community to enable peer-to-peer help, we would not be able to sustain such a rapid growth, while maintaining a high score for customer satisfaction.”

Raman Kumar, VP, Customer Success & Support at Centrify

Measure ROI with the right analytics tools

As a B2B brand, your ability to use social and digital to engage, support and nurture customer relationships is critical to your success. Better understand your customers, content and conversations with granular social and behavioral data at your fingertips. We provide you with the right tools to improve community performance and prove its value to senior executives.

Lithium's analytics tools provide real business insight:

  • Value Analytics to easily measure CSAT, NPS and purchase intent within your community
  • The Lithium Community Health Index (CHI) that combines six key health factors into an index value to help you understand the overall health of your community
  • Cohort Benchmarking to measure your performance against your peers by geography, industry and maturity
  • Seamless integration with your enterprise systems, such as CRM, to help inform business decisions
"Web-based and self-service support engagement is a key part of our customer success model...since launching the Community, CallidusCloud has seen web-based engagement skyrocket to over 90% of support issues."

Laura Golden, Director of Global Community at CallidusCloud

"There is little question at this point that Lithium has become the top-of-mind community platform provider. Lithium has a well-balanced and integrated vision, mission, management team, thought-leadership program, product and services portfolio, and corporate culture."
Paul Greenberg, ZDNet, Social CRM Watchlist 2016