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A closer look: Lithium vs. Conversocial

Powerful metrics, high efficiency and enterprise-level scalability: Why Lithium beats Conversocial for social media customer service

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Lithium’s platform for social customer service is purpose built for the largest care teams, enabling smart coordination between marketing and care for a better customer experience, and better business results.

Here’s how Lithium can help you:

Powerful metrics to support the right decisions

Metrics should be the most critical aspect of your care strategy. Smart analytics allow you to surface the value of social care to your management team, and give them visibility into your customers’ concerns and preferences. Analytics also help you understand your team’s efficiency, measured against past performance and alongside other care teams.

Lithium offers superior analytics:

  • Increase the visibility of your customer and the care team throughout the organization using real-time data visualization dashboards that are easy to create and easy to share
  • Stay on top of agent activity for increased efficiency with the level of granularity and customization you need to measure and benchmark your teams
  • Dig into detailed metrics to understand time-of-day activity for more effective staffing and productivity
"Using Lithium Social Media Management has been the best thing to happen to our Social Customer Service team. It's helped us with Twitter and Facebook in ways I only imagined. Now with Lithium Social Media Management, we've finally been able to achieve our dreams."

Tim Lopez, Head of Global Social Media Customer Care at Symantec

Tools and insights to maximize efficiency

What happens when there’s a major event causing a spike in social activity? Are you able to focus your team on the high-priority posts? Are you able to adjust workflow on-the-fly so customer care SLAs are not disrupted?

Lithium enables superior efficiency:

  • Quickly understand when and where spikes in activity are coming from with real-time analytics alerts so you can devise the best mitigation plan
  • Maintain high-quality customer care even with activity increases through by easily adjusting workflow, including sophisticated auto-tagging
  • Mobile platform for on-the go access to real-time analytics and workflow management so that nothing is ever missed
“We have increased our team’s efficiency, improved integration with social performance data, and reaped the benefits of consolidating multiple platforms into just one with Lithium Social Media Management.”

Covered California

Fast, ongoing innovation on a true enterprise platform

Whether it’s keeping on top of the latest social innovations or expanding your team globally, you need a mature, enterprise-class tool that is ready to scale to your needs.

Lithium offers best-in-class social customer service technology:

  • Stay up-to-date with access to the latest innovations on social channels. Lithium supports updates like Facebook Messaging and Customer Feedback the day these features are launched
  • Stay global with an enterprise platform that includes automated routing and prioritization in 26 languages and agent-defined UI display language
  • Scale with ease. Lithium’s top customers have the highest customer care volume loads of any player in the industry

HP realized a 37% year-over-year reduction in first response time, supporting a large volume of diverse customers, 24/7.

One customer view across customer service and marketing

If your customer service and marketing teams are using different social technologies, then you have two disconnected views of the customer and a fragmented brand voice. Marketers should be alerted of widespread service issues that would negatively impact a campaign, and customer service should be able to prepare for planned volume spikes.

Lithium offers social technology for care and marketing with:

  • Visibility into the social marketing calendar so you can staff up social customer service at the right time for upcoming campaigns
  • Access to a single set of metrics so you can track the full spectrum of customer engagement, across customer service and marketing, on one dashboard
  • A full profile of each individual customer including automated influencer identification, engagement and prioritization
“StubHub improved social response times by 300% and reviewed over 50,000 inquiries per month. We now have a trusted relationship with customers on social like never before.”

Mary C. Hill, Customer Service and Social Media Manager at StubHub

One platform to manage digital customer experience across your website and social channels

Social customer service shouldn’t start and end on your Facebook and Twitter page. Your customers want to find answers quickly online, not only on social media but through search as well. Driving requests through an online community and self-service knowledge base helps your customers quickly find answers so that they don’t need to contact your call center in the first place.

Lithium’s Customer Support Solution helps you with:

  • Enlisting an online community and self-service knowledge base as the first line of defense for customer support where customers can find answers quickly
  • Responding efficiently on social channels at scale while building awareness for online resources
  • Turning crowdsourced knowledge into valuable business assets for customers and employees
  • Tying social support to your CRM to track customer activities in one place to deliver personalized customer experiences

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