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A closer look: Lithium vs. Hootsuite

Efficiency, integration, and data: Why Lithium beats Hootsuite for social media management

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Lithium’s platform for Social Media Management brings Marketing, Customer Service, and other key areas of an organization together with an intuitive, intelligent design. The singular goal: To create a better customer experience.

Here’s how Lithium can help you:

Data-driven technology that's (really) smart

Analytics are how marketers get smarter about social strategy, target the right people, refine tactics, boost resources, and prove their value. In short, you need the best.

Lithium offers superior analytics with:

  • The most complete audience profile including CRM details, Klout influence score, information across social networks, tags, internal comments, private/public threaded conversations, and community interactions
  • Real-time, customizable dashboards with fresh data for anyone in the company to view, anytime ... without an extra fee
“We appreciate Lithium Social Media Management's ability to bulk upload assets, the opportunity to leverage Klout Data to schedule the best time to post, and content discovery that recommends relevant content for our social audience.”

Covered California

One customer view across marketing and customer service

If your Marketing and Care teams are using different social technologies, then you have two disconnected views of the customer and a fragmented brand voice. Marketers should be alerted of widespread service issues that would negatively impact a campaign, and customer service should be able to prepare for planned volume spikes.

Lithium offers social technology for marketing and care with:

  • Custom SLA goal tracking, Time to Agent Response (TAR), and before-and-after sentiment conversion tracking
  • Agent performance metrics to identify rock stars, and those in need of more training
  • Prioritized to-do lists for agents to avoid cherry picking
“We were using lots of different tools like TweetDeck and HootSuite, but it was very time intensive and challenging to keep track of everything as our digital efforts scaled. Lithium Social Media Management helps us consolidate all of our customer conversations into a single tool.”

Darren Jones, Social Media Manager, Post Office UK

True campaign planning for high efficiency

Great marketing is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. If you’re stuck planning and executing campaigns with spreadsheets and emails, it’s time to upgrade to a social solution that can get the job done more efficiently.

Lithium offers superior campaign planning with:

  • An omni-channel calendar to plan social posts alongside events, emails, and other campaign activities
  • Campaign Briefs to align teams and agencies
  • Task Management to collaborate across teams and assign responsibilities, so you stay on track and on time

The Post Office UK reduced average publishing time by 56% while boosting engagement and conversion.

Complete, unified social experience

Social experiences around your brand shouldn't start and end on your Facebook and Twitter pages. Does your social media management platform limit your ability to guide the customer relationship?

Lithium offers a holistic digital experience with:

  • A Knowledge Base for peer-provided support on your website
  • Q&A to get answers from experts on your website
  • An online Community to engage in contests, review products, or share knowledge

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