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The State of Social Engagement 2016: Retail Edition

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With the holiday season around the corner, Lithium commissioned a strategic study to find out if brands are actually using social to effectively engage with customers.

The result is an in-depth analysis of eight retail brands and how they engage across their social ecosystem to help facilitate the shopping experience.

The study unveils why the retail industry is the most successful on social, and which brands are leading the pack. It also uncovers key findings and best practices on how retail brands can provide a better social customer experience to – ultimately – drive sales, customer affinity, and loyalty.

Download the report to learn:

  • Why retail is the highest-scoring industry overall and why Amazon and Sephora are the superstars
  • Three ways retail gets social right that your brand can emulate
  • What retail brands must continue to do to stay ahead this holiday season

The Retail edition of the State of Social Engagement 2016 rated retail brands – Amazon, Lululemon, Nike, North Face, REI, Sephora, Target and Walmart – across online communities as well as five of the most popular social channels used by consumer brands to engage with customers.

Read the full report here to learn how the brands ranked, and what you can do now to better connect with customers on social.

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