The Ultimate Guide to Next Gen Customer Care for B2C High Tech

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In an age of digital disruption, technology companies face increasing pressure to improve time to market and ensure their offerings are best-in-class. Customers have steep expectations for product delivery, updates, releases, customer support, and responsiveness.

In order to free up valuable engineers to focus on product innovation, tech executives must ensure product support can be resolved or alleviated via community and crowdsourcing. Similarly, as consumers rely more on social channels for support, it’s imperative that social agents are well-equipped to answer questions quickly and accurately.

For more than 10 years, Lithium has been helping tech companies gain insights to customer needs, crowdsource product ideas and priorities that will attract and retain new customers.

As a consumer technology company, your ability to improve digital customer support through social and community is imperative to delivering the customer experience that keeps you competitive.

In this guide, you’ll find key resources to help you:

  • Discover the value of and build the business case for community
  • Learn what to look for and what to avoid when considering social customer service engagement platforms
  • Hear stories of how other high tech companies are using the power of community and social customer service to deliver exceptional customer experiences, drive innovation, boost sales, and retain customers

As always, we are here to help you optimize and meet your CX goals.

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