Centrally manage customer engagement at scale

customer engagement through secure messaging

Seamlessly and securely communicate with customers across digital channels

Lithium Messaging empowers brands to manage customer engagement across social, web, mobile apps, and community.

Centrally and seamlessly manage customer engagements

Serve customers 1:1 with asynchronous messaging across social, web, mobile apps, and community. No matter the digital entry point to Lithium Messaging, all inbound messages are prioritized and routed within Lithium for agent response.

seamlessly manage customer engagements

Personalize the experience

White-label the look and feel of your asynchronous web or mobile messaging environment. Get up and running quickly with documented SDKs for Android, iOS, and Web.

Authenticate consumers to resolve issues requiring personal data

Quickly and securely verify the identity of consumers with a unique link. Securely collect and encrypt personal data, and own the data exchanged on digital channels.

One platform to manage digital support at scale

Key features

  • Centralized Analytics & Workflows

    View holistic analytics and workflows (including prioritization, routing, and tagging) for all customer engagements in a single dashboard.

  • Secure Messaging

    Increase security by owning and encrypting the data exchanged during social support interactions.

  • Custom Messaging Environment

    Fully customize the look and feel of your messaging environment.

  • Unified Customer Profile

    Access customer profiles across multiple platforms and channels, including CRMs.

  • Conversation History

    View full conversation history from initial touchpoint to Lithium Messaging exchange.

  • Inbound Prioritization

    Give priority to inbound chat messages for faster, real-time response.

  • Simple Implementation

    Easily embed and implement messaging with a documented SDK for Android, iOS, and web.

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