Give your customers more convenience through modern messaging

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Seamlessly engage in private conversations across digital channels

Three out of four people use messaging regularly - are you engaging with them? Lithium Messaging enables companies to easily adopt and establish ongoing, private conversations on their customers favorite channels, while leveraging a single interface to increase efficiency, scale, and personalization. With Messaging, agents and bots can engage customers in private, 1-on-1 conversations across websites, mobile apps, SMS, and popular messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat and WhatsApp Business.  

Your customers are everywhere. And now you can be, too

Billions of messages are sent between consumers and brands each month, across multiple messaging channels and social networks. Customers message each other everyday, and they increasingly expect and prefer this familiar, convenient communication style with brands. With a consolidated interface for managing these touchpoints and flexible bot integrations, it’s easy to adopt and scale all the channels your customers love through messaging.

Respond to customers both in real-time and at their convenience

Customers want fast responses, but they also want the convenience of asynchronous conversations that don’t expire. With messaging, you get the best of both worlds so agents can be synchronous when needed but also handle asynchronous conversations when a customer re-engages later on.

Transition seamlessly between third-party and brand-owned apps

Easily transfer conversations to a more secure, brand-owned channel when privacy is critical. With brand-owned messaging, you can engage in an environment where you are in control

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Deliver a consistently excellent customer experience across channels, devices, and platforms

Allow your customers to easily transition between channels and devices without losing their conversation history, building deeper, more personal, and longer-lasting connections with your customers, regardless of when, where, or how they contact you.

A single place to manage both public and private customer conversations

With Lithium, it’s easy to manage all your customer interactions, whether they happen on public social channels, in private messages, through third-party apps, over SMS, or on your brand’s community, website, or app. Now your agents, bots, and administrators have a single, AI-powered interface to respond to customers at scale.

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