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Improve Loyalty, Satisfaction and Resolution Rates

Increase engagement with a personalized experience

Profile Plus creates a personalized experience for community users tailored to their interests, expertise, and preferences. It is powered with Klout, which scores a user’s social influence and expertise across different social channels and topics, including their community contributions and interests. Community members get a curated feed that shows content that is relevant to them motivating them to contribute more.

Identify top experts and influencers

Go beyond transactional data and get a 3D view of your customers. The granular social and behavioral customer data can be leveraged to provide more personalized service and marketing experiences. Easily identify top experts and influencers by topic and also easily identify top interests and expertise of connected members.

Reward users on topic expertise

Take gamification to the next level by linking it with Profile Plus. Registered community members get tailored recognition and rewards based on topical expertise and influence.

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