Social Analytics

Measure and improve performance to drive business value with social media analytics

social media analytics

Better understand your customers, content, campaigns, communities and conversations

Reporting data? Of course. But, we also capture data on billions of interactions each month and use algorithms developed by our team of data scientists, so you have the right metrics at your fingertips to prove ROI.

Analyze marketing and customer service performance over social channels

Capture the voice of the customer and their sentiment

Easily share social customer care analytics such as customer feedback, trending topics and the KPIs that are most important to various teams throughout your organization.

Gain workflow efficiencies, like automated content publishing and curation

Understand benchmarks against SLAs and activity backlogs to improve workflow in real-time.

Alert team members of emerging issues and crises in real-time

Display emerging issues in real-time from a central location so that anyone in the organization can learn and get involved with customer success.

  • Understand agent productivity

    Real-time social media analytics provide managers and supervisors immediate visiblity into agent workload, response times and KPIs.

  • Track campaign and content performance

    Monitor campaign and content performance across social channels.

  • Identify influencers and experts

    Understand your customers by viewing them across all interactions with your company (marketing, social customer service, and community) and adding social data from Klout.

  • Gain cross-functional visibility and alignment around marketing and care goals

    Track marketing and customer service metrics, and SLAs around them, in shared dashboards for everyone to understand goal performance.

Gain deep insight to create vibrant communities and drive business value

Through a unique combination of social science, performance metrics and web analytics, Lithium Social Intelligence helps you measure and improve the performance of your social programs by gaining insights into your community's health.

Measure community health

The Lithium Community Health Index™ combines six key health factors into an index value similar to a credit score, helping you understand the overall health of your community similar to how banks use credit scores as an indicator of how likely you are to pay them back.

Identify trending content and key influencers

Track page views, visits and more in context with community engagement metrics for deeper insight into your highest performing content across all interaction styles. Use the Klout Community Score to easily identify the most influential people that are driving the most engagement in your total community.

  • Benchmark your performance

    Lithium Cohort Benchmarking pulls data from 400+ communities—one of the largest digital footprints in the world—so brands can benchmark by geography, industry and maturity against a multitude of community-specific KPIs.

  • Build custom reports and queries in your own business intelligence or reporting tools

    Build custom reports and queries in your own business intelligence or reporting tools by exporting daily extracts of event logs to your data store using our bulk data API.

  • Quickly analyze trends across all interaction styles

    Perform root cause analysis using drill-down reports. Filter reports for more granular data such as country, role, rank, category, thread and user.

Lithium is powered with Klout

Klout's proprietary algorithms, cutting edge data science and large volumes of data provide brands a 3D understanding of their customers on their communities and social channels, enabling brands to provide more personalized experiences.

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