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Social customer service with efficiency, without sacrificing quality

Social Media Management is a social media response tool that empowers brands to manage the explosion of social customer service inquiries without sacrificing quality.

The next dimension of social customer service is here

Private, in-the-moment customer care

Provide private and trusted customer care in real-time, regardless of channel. We've designed capabilities to help brands carry meaningful conversations with their customers in one continuous thread, so agents can easily pick up where a conversation left off.

Powerful insights in real-time

Offer your customers the best experience possible by instantly capturing their post-resolution feedback. Our integration with Twitter allows brands to analyze Net Promoter Score (NPS®) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) data to bring a new dimension of customer data and social ROI to brands.

Highly customizable analytics and customer insights, available on-the-go

Our mobile applications allow teams to stay in the know and act fast by easily accessing live trends and insights.

One customer experience

Provide a stellar customer experience. Lithium Social Media Management is a holistic platform across marketing and social customer service that ensures one view of the customer. Learn more about Social Publishing

MoneyGram improved response time by a whopping


Flybe resolved 87% of Facebook and Twitter customer service inquiries within 15 minutes or less.


Key features

  • Workflow

    Every incoming social post is automatically routed to the most appropriate work queue or agent for prompt resolution based on criteria you define.

  • Automation

    Posts receive language, source and content tags so messages land in the correct work queue. Gone are the days of manually assigning each post. That gets old. Really fast.

  • Notification & alerts

    Set up email and mobile alerts for spikes in activity so you can adjust staffing and priorities on-the-fly.

  • Languages

    Business is global. So is social. Lithium Social Media Management provides out-of-the-box detection for more than 25 languages. Plus, agents can customize their preferred UI display language.

  • Conversation threading

    Consistency counts. Lithium Social Media Management will always route customer replies back to the original agent unless they're offline.

  • Prioritization

    Posts are scanned and assigned priorities based on customized keywords so agents work the most important issues first.

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