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Publish content that resonates with your audience for higher impact

  • Leverage top-performing content and trending topics

    Discover trending topics and articles using the power of Klout Data. Easily share valuable user-generated content from your own community.

  • Schedule content at optimal times for higher engagement

    Choose a time of day, and our platform will determine when to publish for optimal engagement. Data-backed strategy recommendations are available at your fingertips.

  • Gain deeper audience insights

    Engagement analytics help you see how your audience is connecting with your content.

    • Analyze overall campaign engagement, or find your best-converting individual posts.
    • Explore a user's network for current, or related, leads and customers.

Key features

  • Omni-channel campaign calendar

    Manage integrated campaigns with an Omnichannel Calendar of events, campaigns, social posts, digital tactics, emails and community posts.
  • Smart scheduling

    Take the guesswork out of publishing. Lithium can automatically select the best time to publish based on the social network, your brand’s past engagement history, audience behavior and other factors specifically for your brand.
  • Content discovery

    Surface trending content as inspiration around a topic. Lithium crawls and categorizes every link posted on social and bubbles up the best-performing topically relevant content for you—including user generated content.
  • Holistic customer profile

    Respond with more context by using the most holistic customer profile, containing information across social networks, interests, Klout influence score, tags, CRM systems and internal notes across departments.
  • Smart routing

    Filter inbound conversations, route to the most appropriate agent and designate priority within a single column to keep agents laser focused on the work relevant to them.
  • Real-time analytics

    Prove successes to stakeholders with a real-time dashboard of curated metrics and visualizations. They are at your fingertips and constantly refreshed to anyone in your company.

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