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High-tech firms that build and manage online communities attain superior results in creating happy customers, reducing service costs and driving revenue growth.

That’s the overall finding of a new report released by Aberdeen Group, based on primary research done for Lithium Technologies.

Focusing on the high-tech industry – one of the most competitive verticals out there – the research includes findings from 215 companies across hardware and software, including Lithium customers Infoblox, Weebly, NetApp and Alteryx.

The report also highlights eight activities that maximize returns from investing in an online community.

Learn how online communities help companies to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn
  • Cut service costs by providing rich self-service options
  • Grow revenue through efficiency, cost cuts and profit margin increases
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“High-tech firms with an online community platform achieve 54% greater annual growth in revenue.”

Aberdeen Group

Online Communities Boost Business Results

Learn how B2B high-tech companies are achieving measurable ROI by applying best practices in their branded communities.

  • Greater Customer Satisfaction

    Online communities are a strong support to customer satisfaction, which in turn impacts customer retention and the financial health of the business. Communities also influence customer loyalty, and happy clients are more likely to refer the business and its products to their peers.

  • Reduced Service Costs

    Happier customers help businesses operate more efficiently by reducing effort in services and support, enabling overall cost cuts. High-tech firms with online communities reduce customer service costs by 2.6% year-over-year, while those without them observe an increase of 3.0%.

  • Greater Financial Success

    Because high-tech B2B firms with online community platforms have happier customers and achieve greater operational efficiency, reducing service costs and growing profit margin, they enjoy superior financial results, compared to peers without online communities.

“Deflecting support needs by enabling clients to help themselves is a key enabler to help enhance financial health. Using an online community helps us reduce our customer service costs.”

Eric Stieg, Senior Manager, Communities and Social Media, Infoblox