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3 Strategies Tech Firms Use for Great Digital Customer Engagement

Companies that are driving digital transformation must transform themselves to keep up with their customer’s evolving expectations. Not only do high tech firms have to excel at continuous delivery to maintain customer retention, but they must deliver exceptional digital customer service.

This is harder than it sounds. But there are some brands who are taking the lead in getting digital customer engagement right. Brands like Google, HP, Microsoft, Sony, Fitbit—they’re using combinations of social customer service, community, gamification, and compelling content to keep customers happy, drive revenue and retention.

We’ve outlined 10 of these top brands in our ebook, Who Leads the Pack? How the Top 10 High Tech Brands are Winning in Digital Customer Engagement – and below are three top strategies:

  1. Create community to power peer-to-peer customer service. Google does this well and specifically uses easy navigation, notifications, favorites, and experts to create a vibrant community.
  2. Use direct message support options. Fitbit relies on Twitter’s direct message support option to provide faster resolution and more personalized communication. It also decreases support costs.
  3. Employ gamification to motivate users to engage and obtain rewards to fuel further engagement and “expert” statues in the community. HP uses gamification to move customers up the engagement ladder and rewards top contributors with special insider events and experiences.

Read the ebook to learn how the top 10 brands are getting digital customer engagement right and how you can, too!