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Five ways financial services firms can improve digital customer engagement

Financial services firms must operate in a highly regulated environment while differentiating their customer engagement experience from a plethora of digital-only and traditional competitors. It’s not easy, but banks that take action now will get and stay ahead. 

How can you ensure your digital engagement meets your customer’s expectations while driving loyalty, retention, and ultimately revenue? In our latest ebook, Who Leads the Pack: How the Top Financial Services Brands are Winning in Digital Customer Engagement, we explore real-world ways that banks are meeting their customers’ expectations for a seamless, personalized customer engagement experience.

What can you do drive a better engagement experience?

  1. Know your customers.
  2. Mine the data on what your customers care about. What are they searching for? What help do they need? What are their goals? Dreams? Frustrations? How can your brand respond to that and engage them?

  3. Create a content strategy.
  4. Know what success looks like by examining the goals of your social media campaign. Is it customer service or sales? Know exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Then, pick the channels to engage on and plan content that speaks to what your customers care about.

  5. Use storytelling.
  6. Stories engage the emotions and the intellect. Use stories via narrative, video, images, and music to engage customers. Think broader than your products and services. Think of how your brand plays into lifestyles, dreams, goals, and emotions. Use stories that align with those.

  7. Be responsive.
  8. Respond to every social interaction. Be personal and human, professional and respectful. Let customers know when they can expect to hear from you and how they can interact with you.

  9. Measure success, learn, and evolve.
  10. Measure engagement, NPS, sentiment change, and CX impact. Continue to evolve your social engagement strategy.

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