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How can you make your company stand out? Instead of just selling, how do you inspire, inform, tell your story? Every year, Lithium customers share their stories about how they’re going beyond competing on small points to provide a completely new experience for their customers.

Take a look at what they’re doing and see if these spark an idea!

eBay - Moderating Customer Self-Service Across 14 Communities

For 20 years, eBay communities have been helping eBay sellers and buyers answer questions, find solutions, and learn from each other. Lithium powers 14 eBay communities in 12 countries. More than 10 million registered members contribute 1.5M+ posts annually that need to be moderated, interacted with, and assisted.

To improve their moderation model, eBay worked with Lithium and hired a new eBay Community team. They integrated their online customer service channel directly into the eBay community. Questions are routed to the ‘eBay Community Experts’ board, where eBay staff and member experts provide answers.

When keeping on top of the traffic proved challenging, eBay chose to implement Lithium’s Social Media Management for Service platform to make management, engagement, metrics, and reporting across multiple digital channels more efficient and seamless.

The results of improving moderation and management?

  • 10M+ unique visitors
  • 300,000+ topics, 700,000+ replies
  • 450,000+ kudos given
  • 25,000+ solutions accepted
  • 117 minutes average time to first solution

eBay Communities by the numbers:

  • 12 Countries
  • 4 Continents
  • 10M Registered Members
  • 1.5+ Registered Members

Read the eBay Lithy submission to learn more.

Fitbit - Direct Messaging for Seamless Customer Service Experience

Since 2013, the Fitbit Community Team has been focused on providing users accurate information, timely inspiration, and a complete support experience. They’ve done this through broad social listening and on-brand engagement over an evolving variety of digital platforms. This last year, they rolled out initiatives to increase coverage, decrease time to response, and to improve digital customer experience.

Their goal was to make the user experience as seamless as using their products. By using the Lithium Salesforce Connectors for Lithium Social Media Management for Service, they are able to smoothly redirect customers from social channels to email support when they reach the limits of open social channel support -- without the customer experiencing a disruption in service.

Lithium SMM for Service enables them to maintain broad awareness across multiple digital channels and positions them to proactively engage in conversations and resolve issues before customers contact support, saving their support teams time and money. Through engaging with customers in their community, they are able to gain deep understanding of what the customer experience is like and customer-inspired insight on how to continuously improve it.

  • Fitbit Community
  • Fitbit's results:

    • 40 hours faster time-to-solution
    • 2.5X increase in Twitter Direct Message volume
    • Expanded review listening and engagement to five global regions/languages

For more, read the Fitbit Lithy submission.

Palo Alto Networks - Providing Support in Multiple Languages

Palo Alto Networks is a next-generation security company safeguarding trust in the digital age by helping tens of thousands of organizations worldwide prevent cyber breaches. From a support perspective, their community is key to empowering customers to self-service and peer-to-peer support -- key customer priorities identified in their research.

However, the global company found it challenging to help customers do that in their own languages around the world. To solve for this, they implemented Dynamic Translation for Forums on their Lithium platform. It enables dynamic (automatic) translation of discussion threads and enables users to interact in six languages, regardless of the other languages being used in that discussion.

The Lithium Language Packs allow them to easily provide translation instead of creating multiple, stand-alone language-based communities -- which requires financial and human resources to implement. Palo Alto Networks reported that language packs changed the game for them and lets them engage global users on their own terms.

Their results:

  • 25%-66% uplift in non-English language participation
  • Increase in initial posts created in non-English languages

Read the Palo Alto Network Lithy submission.