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What’s the Real Impact of Better CX for B2B Tech Companies?

Better CX. Now.
Stand out from the competition.

Your tech is cutting edge... but is your customer experience? Your competitors are upping their CX game -- and CX is your differentiator. Community plays a powerful role in that.

Aberdeen Research found that high-tech firms with online communities vs those without enjoy:

  • 13.9% vs 1.8% annual improvement in customer effort
  • 10.1% vs 2.7% year over year positive word-of-mouth on social media
  • 73% increase in customer lifetime value, year over year
  • 2.6% reduction in annual customer service costs vs a 3.0% increase for those without online communities
  • 8.6% vs. 3.3% annual growth in customer profit margins

For 15 years, Lithium has been helping some of the biggest tech brands stay on the forefront of CX innovation.

Take a look at how they’re innovating and how you can, too.

Zuora - $6M Annual Savings through Community

Zuora Support has always focused on customer experience -- and earned a 96% CSAT score because of it. But Zuora found that customers were not able to easily find solutions to frequently asked questions and were generating support tickets to get those answers.

Zuora implemented their Community to provide a place for customers to ask questions, share knowledge, and provide “Customer Solution Articles” for support.

Today, Google search accounts for 60% of community referral traffic and customers use self-service to get the answers they need.

Their results:

  • $6M annual support savings
  • 2,500 views/month on customer solution articles

“Our strategy of posting common customer solutions in the Community is a win-win situation.”

— Lana Lee | Senior Community Manager and Strategist, Zuora

Alteryx - Driving Holistic Digital Experiences through Community and Social

Alteryx is a leader in self-service data analytics. Their vision for the Alteryx Community has always included deep integrations with products. They use both the Community and Lithium Social Media Management for Service platforms to provide holistic digital experiences that drive customer delight across multiple channels.

To achieve the customer experience they wanted to generate, they took several steps. One, they instituted a Global Search feature in version 11.0 of the Alteryx Designer product by leveraging Lithium’s APIs. With this, their customers can search and discover community content inside the product interface. They also include community content and contact information directly into their CRM system through the Lithium Salesforce integrator.

Second, they leverage the Lithium Bulk Data API to collect insights from Lithium Social Intelligence and funnel it into customized content dashboards. This lets them discover content worth sharing with their audience with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Because it’s so easy to use, Alteryx employees can easily contribute to community and social without getting into technical weeds. Being able to collaborate organically lets them bring marketing and service initiatives together to drive a seamless customer experience.

  • Alteryx Community
  • Alteryx's results:

    • 3.5X growth YoY in views of solution-based community content
    • 150% YoY increase in Twitter engagements and impressions
    • Reduction in YoY support case volume

Read the Alteryx Lithy submission.

Aruba - Engaging Event Attendees through Community

Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Company, is redefining the intelligent edge with mobility and IoT solutions for global organizations of all sizes. Each year, they host the Aruba Atmosphere (ATM) event to bring the heart and soul of their community together.

To drive engagement onsite at the event and with remote community members, they implemented the ‘ATM Activate’ campaign to bring the community together and extend the life of the event to their digital audience.

Their team got creative. They created a contest to generate social media interaction and empower community influencers. They also used an integrated approach to use community, social, and their app as a place to access event content and activities.

Their goal? To generate 200 contest entries, achieve 1,000 Facebook live views and generate 50,000 social engagements.

Their results surpassed their goals:

  • 235 contest entries
  • 8,100 Facebook live views
  • 75,000+ social engagements
  • 891 unique users generated 8M impressions for #ATM17 event hashtag
  • 1,400 new registered members, 47% over monthly average

Read the Aruba Lithy submission.

Microsoft - $145M Case Deflection Savings via Community Support

Taking a customer-first mindset, Microsoft launched a community to provide a better digital customer support experience and to create a digital destination for customers.

Their Power BI Community connects business intelligence experts and peers to learn and discuss topics, ask and answer questions. The Community was such a success that Microsoft decided that the Power BI Community would be the only place to receive free support from the company.

They would no longer accept customer support calls or tickets. All customers would be directed to the community. To their surprise, they never received a single complaint about this change -- customers adopted it with ease -- validating that the Power BI community was a preferred channel of self-service support.

The community’s success has inspired other Microsoft product units and teams across Microsoft to want to do build their own communities modeled after Power BI. Product teams are now launching products within communities first.

Their results:

  • $145M case deflection savings
  • $2.24M SEO value realized
  • 3.2M SEO referral visits to the community in last 12 months
  • 3.89M visits to Power BI Community in last 12 months
  • 98.77% overall response rate

Read the Microsoft Lithy submission.