Case Study Beyond Bank Australia

How one of Australia’s largest mutual banks uses social customer service to drive exceptional customer experiences

With more than 200,000 customers and assets under management in excess of $5 billion, Beyond Bank Australia is one of the nation's largest 100% customer-owned financial institutions. It operates across South Australia, Western Australia, Australian Capital Territory, and the Riverina and Hunter Valley regions of New South Wales. Beyond Bank Australia also supports a range of community endeavors via its Community Development Program and the Beyond Bank Australia Foundation. In 2017, Beyond Bank Australia was awarded Best Bank in Corporate Social Responsibility at the Australian Retail Banking Awards. In 2016, the Bank was awarded Roy Morgan’s Best in Customer Satisfaction award.

  • Goal

    To implement more effective, detailed social media reporting; eradicate wasted time and inefficiency caused by manual reporting, and to use a platform that provides effective notifications and workflows for the customer service team in order to improve response times and ensure correct governance of their social media platforms.

  • Solution

    A Lithium Social Media Management all-in-one platform that caters to the needs of the marketing, customer service, and compliance teams. It also integrates with their CRM – Microsoft Dynamics.

How has your Lithium solution addressed your goals?

In multiple ways. First, the audit trail enables us to monitor staff responses and see a history of interactions with our customers. Multiple sign-ins allow each staff member to have their own login, so we can track their activity and performance. It provides workflow management which means we can easily assign a post to a staff member to respond to. We now have notifications in the platform with a centralized queue and prioritization that makes it easy for staff to assess what they need to respond to first. Also, email notifications are available to notify staff of any issues out of hours or if they are logged off.

How has it helped with social listening and sentiment analysis?

The listening capability has enabled us to track keywords to find out what other people are talking about on Twitter related to hot topics such as housing affordability, and to also listen to what people are saying to our competitors. This gives us the opportunity to join the conversation and talk about what we can offer. The sentiment analysis lets us tag each comment with sentiment, so we can easily track sentiment overall on a daily and monthly basis for our reporting.

Tell us about how you use the publishing function of the platform.

The publishing feature enables us to schedule content and categorize it according to campaigns and themes. We love the daypart scheduling functionality, which means we don’t have to choose a specific time for the content to go live, but let the system’s algorithm choose the best time to post based on when our audience is online.

Was it easy to train people to use the platform?

It was an extremely quick and easy process. We had a one-day training session with our Lithium trainer with both Admin and Agent sessions and from there, everyone was ready to start using Lithium immediately.

We also set up a ‘trainee’ team and their responses must be approved by a senior person in their team before they go live. That way new employees can practice using the platform and responding, and we can check their work over a certain period before giving them full access.

“Lithium has saved me at least eight hours per week of manual activities.”

— Aimee Iannone, Social Media Specialist, Beyond Bank Australia

How has the platform made your work more efficient?

Lithium has saved our team at least eight hours per week of manual activities. Previously, we would manually record every single comment on social media in a spreadsheet along with the time, our response, and our response time. Lithium enables us to focus more on our strategy, and in particular social listening, which is monitoring the keywords we have coming in via Twitter Firehose and looking for opportunities to join conversations where people are talking about being unhappy with another bank.

What’s next for your digital customer service?

We are focused on improving the brand experience in social so that we can fully service customers in their chosen channel. We’re very excited about CSAT coming to Facebook, as most of our customer service via social media is done there, so we will be able to measure customer satisfaction for this channel.

It is great having Lithium as a partner as they are always at the forefront of new developments and keep us informed. Plus, Lithium integrates with all this third-party functionality making it even easier for our team to implement!

“It is great having Lithium as a partner as they are always at the forefront of new developments and keep us informed.”

— Aimee Iannone, Social Media Specialist, Beyond Bank Australia