Case Study

HP Provides Winning Social Customer Care with Lithium

HP’s vision is to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere—every person, every organization, and every community around the globe. With one printer and 1.7 PCs shipping every second, HP has a large and growing installed base of customers globally. HP has partnered their Support Community with Lithium to deepen customer engagement and improve response and resolution rates, while leaving no customer behind. They believe in the vision and value of a strong digital customer experience. The Lithium Engagement Platform is crucial to HP’s customer support operations success.

  • Goal

    Support a large volume of diverse customers—24 hours a day and seven days a week.

  • Solution

    To complement the already vibrant community, implement Lithium Social Media Management to empower agents to engage with customers more efficiently and effectively.

“"We use Lithium Social Intelligence (LSI) and executive reporting to learn and feed what we learn back into product development and our customer care strategy.””